5 Reasons Why Paddle Boarding Is An Awesome Sport

Swimming, surfing, fishing, snorkelling and diving are all reasons to get into the water. Who wouldn’t admit that getting into the water is fun and the most enjoyable thing to do? Whether it is an extreme water sport or just sailing on the calm and refreshing water, spending time outside in nature is something that many enjoy. So, why not add paddle boarding to your outdoor repertoire? If you are not sure about paddle boarding, here are some reasons to give it a try!

1. It’s a killer exercise.

I know this may seem funny and you might be thinking how hard is it to just stand there on the board while paddling, but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. Maintaining your balance while rowing yourself to different directions is a serious thing and something that is not only enjoyable but will also be great exercise. The activity is enough to give you core strength as well as muscles in your arms and legs. Not to mention the calories burned during the activity will allow you to lose some weight if you do it consistently.

2. You’ll get closer to nature

By spending time on the water, you can enjoy being out in the fresh air and take in the views of nature. Spending time outside and being in the moment is a great way to relieve stress and appreciate all that life has to offer. When paddle boarding, it is a great time to reflect and clear your head so that when you are back on land, you can focus on your responsibilities.

3. It’s cheaper than other water activities

Spending time on the water can be expensive over time. Those who own a boat have to pay fees for docking the boat, maintaining it, and every time it is used, it needs to be filled up with gas. These expenses add up fast. When you paddleboard, you just have to purchase the board and paddle and you are all set. If you don’t have a paddle board just yet, be sure to educate yourself by reading inflatable paddle board reviews on the web so you know what board suits you best.

4. Socialize

It’s human nature to want to socialize and meet new friends. Luckily, paddle boarding can serve as an activity that you do alone or with friends. If you do not have friends who paddle board, you can always seek out a local meet up or paddle boarding club. Finding people with like-minded interests is a great way to make friends.

5. Relieve stress

It is no secret that life can be hectic and stressful. Many choose to use their workout time as a time to decompress and de-stress from their hectic lifestyle. Paddle boarding can also serve as a coping mechanism after a long and stressful day. After 30 minutes on the water, you will feel so much better and will be able to take on your responsibilities with a new outlook.

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