4 Things to Know About Being a Mother While Overcoming Substance Abuse

The journey to long-term sobriety is tough. As a mother, it can get worse with the high probability of relapsing. Juggling between mum duties and handling your clean and sober self can be overwhelming. Sometimes, being a mom will inflict self-doubt which can make it hard to stay away from your favourite substance that will allow you to forget your feelings for a while. For you to hold onto sobriety a little longer and still be a mum, you need to know about the following: 

1. Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

When the going gets tough, it is time to seek professional assistance to deal with your problem. As a mum, the temptations to stay away from these centres are many. This can be due to the fear of victimization for your children and yourself as well.

However, these centres are very helpful. Their sessions are also customized to fit your needs, increasing the chance of overcoming your addiction. The centres offer family-based assistance too. You may even attend sessions with people close to you whereby they will be taught how to handle conversations while addressing people with addictions. This helps you and your family understand your needs and help you through it. It also helps determine trigger factors for your addiction that might not have been considered while starting.

The programs in place can fit within your schedule and let you perform mum duties while still seeking help from time to time. This helps in balancing life and keeping the secret if you have not revealed your situation to your family members.

2. Ask For Help

When overwhelmed, ask for help from friends, family or other mums facing the same problem. The support offered reassurance and helps in coping with your triggers, seizures and other problems you might be facing. When you need to stay out of the grid, in a rehab facility or for personal desires have someone do your activities for you. This helps reduce the worry and you get to concentrate on getting better. You can join anonymous groups and contact the moderators when you need help. You can also request them to keep substances you are addicted to away from you when together or in the house. This reduces the temptation to get back into it. You can also ask for help from your children by having them help with chores or take up more responsibilities in the house to create time for a session. When lonely or scared, ask people to accompany you or stay around you. This eases the tension and helps in your recovery journey.

3. Self Care

Overcoming addiction starts with you. You should start by taking the bold step of quitting and staying away from the substances you are addicted to. Stay away from your triggers and toxic situations as well to avoid a relapse. Engage your brain and body in new activities and hobbies to keep you busy. It also helps in realizing newfound passions. You should also eat healthy foods and balanced diets to ensure your body gets nutritional nourishment that is required to get better. Exercising also helps by keeping your mind and body engaged and exhausted leaving no time and energy to seek for substances.

4. Do Not Indulge

Despite having the temptations to try the substance, do not indulge again. A small portion from the substance can cut your long recovery journey short. It also increases the possibility of relapse. Even when faced with consequences for your addiction such as a divorce or resentment from family members stay away.

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