Why The Oregon Coast Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

What comes to mind when you think of the world’s most beautiful beaches? Hawaii, the Bahamas, Thailand, or perhaps France? The beauty of these beaches make them famous – but there’s one coastline, in particular, that’s unrivalled for its beauty, yet peaceful thanks to its lack of tourism. The Oregon Coast encompasses the Pacific edge of Oregon, a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. You may be unfamiliar with the area, but after reading these amazing facts about the Oregon coast, you’ll be ready to book your plane tickets.

Perfect for families or solo travellers

Whether you’re a young romantic on a jet-setting adventure across the world, or a parent looking for a place for you and your kids to relax, you’ll find a place along the Oregon coastline. You won’t find a lot of wild parties or spring breakers in Oregon, but that’s exactly where the appeal lies. These tranquil beaches are where you go to admire nature and escape from the pressures of life.

Young children will adore peeking at creatures in the tidepools and snacking on locally-made saltwater taffy. Adults will appreciate the wine, the lighthouses, and the dreamy, poetic charm of the forests.

Cosy (and affordable!) lodging

Every inch of the Oregon coastline is free and open to the public. That fact, combined with the budget-friendly nature of Oregon Coast property management rentals, means you won’t break your wallet for a beach-side view.

Plus, the state is home to a delightful mishmash of sleek, hyper-modern architecture and American continental-style buildings built centuries ago. In particular, the coastline is full of warm and welcoming bungalows that offer more comfort and privacy than a traditional hotel.

The rental properties in Oregon are undeniably peaceful and you may feel tempted to extend your stay. Go ahead, because it likely won’t put you over budget.

Unique beach scenery

The Pacific Northwest is probably the only place on Earth that manages to make grey skies and cloudy weather extraordinarily beautiful.

You’ll be able to see natural beauty found nowhere else. From the remnants of ancient forests (like the Neskowin Ghost Forest) to waterfalls just steps from the sea (like the 75-foot Drift Creek Falls), the Oregon Coast is home to a kind of allure unknown to those who have only ever been to the beach to work on their tan. Did we mention that you can spot whales if you’re lucky?

There’s man-made beauty to these beaches, too. While you’re biking down the Oregon Coast Trail, you’ll be able to see everything from quaint local architecture to the delicate glass floats set off each year in the waves near Lincoln City.

Hiking, festivals, and more

Chances are you’ll want to do a little bit more than just gazing out into the horizon. Luckily, Oregon is replete with activities, local festivals, and opportunities to make memories.

For those who are looking to trek the coastline on their own, there’s the previously-mentioned Oregon Coast Trail. This trail is borne from the mouth of the Columbia River and spans 382 miles along the entire state edge, ending at the California border. It’s friendly to both cyclists and hikers on foot with dozens of state parks and small towns available every few miles.

And for those interested in more local colour, there are guided tours, museums (including the wow-inducing Oregon Film Museum), as well as crabbing and clamming clinics in the summer.

This is all to say nothing of the wealth of breweries, local diners, and cafes serving gourmet fare at every turn. Enjoy your dinner of caught-that-morning seafood!

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