9 Top Tips To Consider When Purchasing A New Hair Dryer

Looking for a brand new hair drying? Here are the key things you will need to look out for in your next purchase. Have fun shopping!

1. Tourmaline or Ionic

The perfect kind of material for frizzy and thick hair. These dryers release negative ions that assist with breaking up water droplets on the hair to allow for quicker drying. This way, your hair has a less frizzy appearance after drying it. Tourmaline dryers are pricier than ionic dryers but are an excellent investment for tremendously frizzy or thick hair. Steer clear from ionic dryers if you have thin or fine hair since these dryers are not efficient in providing volume.

2. Porcelain or Ceramic 

Porcelain or ceramic dryers, which are encased in plastic or metal housings, are more consistent and give off less heat. They are the perfect option for dry or fine hair that is prone to dehydration. An ideal application for most hair types. These dryers also release negative ions to inhibit frizzing.

3. Titanium 

This dryer discharges even, stable temperature, but they tend to get hot quickly and are not the recommended choice for damaged hair. However, they are a suitable option for lots of hair or extremely thick hair. Titanium is the best hair dryer type for reducing your drying time considerably. This dryer type is more lightweight and more comfortable to hold.

4. Selecting a dryer with 1500W or more.

The wattage quantifies how hard and fast the motor works. The higher the wattage, the quicker it dries your hair. For very thick hair, select one with at least 1800 to 2000 wattage, which is similar to salon-type dryers.

5. Choosing lightweight options

The weight of your dryer is eminent since you want a dryer, which is comfortable to handle while drying your hair, making blowout easier.

6. Choosing a dryer with more than one heat setting

Select a dryer with a low, medium, and high heat settings so that you can switch between the different heat settings you require.

  • Low heat setting – works well for thin, dry, or fine hair.
  • Medium heat setting – perfect for normal hair.
  • High heat setting – suitable for thick and coarse hair.

7. Choosing A Dryer With A Cool Setting

Hairdryers with a cool setting, reduce frizz, and leave you with sleek and shiny hair. Switching from a heat setting to a cool setting when you’re about eighty percent done, will dry your hair without overheating it.

8. Purchasing A Dryer With A Diffuser

An excellent choice for curly hair since the detachable diffuser distributes the warm air throughout a larger section of hair without blowing the hair in all directions. It’s highly useful for wavy or curly hair since it keeps the hair texture in tack while adding volume.

9. Dryer with a Concentrator Nozzle 

Just like a diffuser, the concentrator nozzle snaps into place onto the edge of the hairdryer. This feature is great for straightening hair and eliminating frizz. Always point the concentrator nozzle pointed downwards and disallow it to come into contact with your hair. Use a brush when drying your hair and go along the path of the brush with your concentrator nozzle to obtain sleek, straight hair.

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