Young Singaporeans Seeking New College Experiences & Lifestyles

For those who are living in Singapore, wanting to explore the world and enjoy new experiences is a common desire. You can find everything you need here, but venturing out into the world, having new experiences and enjoying different lifestyles is always such a draw for young Singaporeans. Hence many looks towards obtaining their education overseas, be independent and experience new college experiences & lifestyles outside of Singapore. Regardless of what you seek, young Singaporeans have a wide variety of choices for unique college experience both in Singapore or abroad.

Living Abroad – and Loving It

According to Channel News Asia, an increasing number of Singaporeans are choosing to study and live abroad. This trend is largely being fueled by young adults who no longer are content with staying and studying locally. The wide variety of experiences that studying abroad can provide are immense. Some of the most popular destinations include the United Kingdom, Thailand, China and the United States. Through the prism of different cultures and the global melting points offered by these countries, more Singaporeans are becoming truly global citizens.

Studying at Home – and From Home

An even bigger trend that is shaking up the traditional campus experience is online learning. More Singaporeans than ever are opting for online courses that provide more flexible courses. Some of the most popular online degrees that Singaporeans are pursuing include MHA degree, computer science degree and law degrees – which do not differ at all from the courses being taken at physical campuses in Singapore.

So whether one has plans for pursuing that online masters in health administration, or a career in law, earning that degree from home – literally – has never been easier. 

Giving Back to the World

Rather than shipping off directly to a university, some students from Singapore are choosing to volunteer in a variety of capacities while seeing the world. Through a variety of local charities and international volunteer groups, prospective students are taking one year or more of their time to volunteer abroad while pursuing their education digitally.

This approach helps students gain valuable real-world experience, broaden their horizons, learn about new cultures and struggles while also advancing their educational careers. 

Pursuing Needed Trades

While the allure of a four-year degree and the salaries that often come with it are immense, a number of young students are choosing to pursue an education in one of many trades where demand for employees is high.

It is in these fields – jobs such as electricians, mechanics, plumbers and others – where there is an immense demand for qualified applicants. In some trades, the pay is on par or even better than in many college-educated fields. As more people pursue traditional educations, a larger and larger gap has been left in the workforce for these trades. This means that salaries for these jobs continue to increase, making it quite appealing for those who do not believe a traditional educational experience is right for them. 

Rather than opting for a traditional education, an increasing number of students are finding opportunities both inside and outside of Singapore. As the 21st century continues to unfold, more and more opportunities for those who wish to pursue higher learning will continue to appear, making it possible for literally any career path or dream to turn into a reality.

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