Things You Need For Your National Pardon Application

The Canadian National Pardon is an agency through which the person receiving the pardon gets their criminal record wipe. The National Pardon is very sought after by those that have been convicted of a crime and now have a criminal record. To wipe out the records, you must apply for a pardon. Your pardon application requires multiple things. This is a small guide explaining the fundamentals of what it is you need for your National Pardon in Toronto application. 


The pardon is granted to ex-convicts that have already done their time in prison. Once a sentence is served, the person, now having a criminal record, can submit an application through which they are requesting to be pardoned. Notice how the pardon does not have the function of removing a sentence, as it can only be asked for after the sentence had been executed. Instead, the pardon in Canada acts as a means to have your criminal record wiped clean. That is the most important thing that you could ask for after your sentence is executed.

The sentence has to be completed before applying for a pardon, however, otherwise, it won’t be taken into consideration. You can start working on your pardon application while you’re still behind bars, but you have to wait until your sentence is fully executed before you submit it if you want to receive a pardon.


Anyone can submit a pardon application, but there are certain requirements that need to be met in order for the application to be successful and the pardon to be granted. Of course, there is many documentation involved, but there are also civic and social requirements that need to be met:

You must provide proof of having a job after being released from incarceration and prove that you can keep a job and work in a community.

You must provide proof that you have not been in contact with any illegal or criminal activity since your release from prison. This means that in order for you to get a pardon, you cannot spend your time with or around investigated or illegal activities or people.

The committee that grants pardons in Canada will thoroughly investigate your situation post-prison before making a decision whether or not to grant you the pardon. This means that it is best to be on your best behaviour but also to wait a bit before submitting the application. You can submit it on the same day you get out of prison but it’s best to wait until you manage to find a job and solidify your position as a reformed and model citizen of your town and country. This will boost your chances of getting the pardon considerably.

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