Why You Will Need To Print Your Name Card In 2018

Name cards still matter in the business world. Name Card aka Business Card is the best tool for introducing yourself to a partner. Not only, it makes you look professional and prepare but also you will have more chance to get a job opportunity. 

1. Name cards are a direct marketing tool

A digital marketing tool is a good tool but a business card can represent you better and more effectivity when meeting in a person. Since it’s 2018 and most people spend more time on social media but at the same time, some are not. Social media is a tool for connecting people everyday basis but it doesn’t make you look professional when you want to introduce yourself with other  Entrepreneur.

2. Name cards can represent you and your career better!

You might have been to the Job events and see many people give each other Business card after small talks, that is the most common things people do when they want to make more connections for other opportunities in a career. You might not have a lot of time standing there and make a long conversation since people are busy but at the same time, they want to know more about what you do. So, A Name card will help you stay longer contact and meet up after the event!

3. Name cards can give you a big message

A business card is a tool to represent your brand and your personality. Also, it can give a big a big message to people who received your Business card. If you meet someone at the event and they give you a Business card, you might have already known that they want to keep continue the conversations with you. Email can be lost in a sea of spam and contact folders; a name card will remain in a client’s wallet for years. – Kristopher Jones.

4. Build trustworthy in your business

Every business need Name cards, not only Small business or Online business. If you think that you don’t need printings, then you might be wrong. When you go shopping for small designer clothes, you might have seen that most of the owners will leave their business card at the counter for you! Since they know that not everyone who will make a conversation and ask for the Social Media. That’s why business card can also increase another way for reaching out more sells.

5. Name cards still matter

Since printings help you memorize better in a short time at the same time you have to social media needs more time to build your memorization. That’s why we use printings instead of Social media to get attention for your brand. It will increase your brand awareness of referrals to those in need of your products and services.

Business card/Name card is more than just a piece of paper that represents you but it is the business owner’s identity. Let’s start creating your own with Joinprint Singapore now!

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