What Are Some Of The Must-Have Foods When You Are In Asia?

One of the most thrilling experiences for any travellers is getting to grace their taste buds will ethnic cuisine. Luckily, it is something that you can never avoid. After hiking, surfing and partaking of all the activities in your itinerary, you are left hungry, and the next thing that you will be found doing is hunting for something to eat. 

Visiting Asia is different from any other continent you can of. Asia hosts diversity in the light of culture and traditions. With that, you can only imagine the number of food flavours an Asian eatbook can carry. It would be entirely safe to say you will be spoilt of choices. With all those options on your table and only limited time in Asia, you may not get the chance to try out all the foods that the continent has to offer. However, here are some of the foods that you cannot afford not to try.

1. Pad Thai

Well, this delicacy may not sound all new to you. You have probably heard of it somewhere, and the only thing that is remaining is having it. The buzz about Pad Thai is well deserved. Those who have tried it said that you could never be able to stop even if you have it a thousand times. What exactly is Pad Thai? The dish comprises of peanuts, bean sprouts, pork, flat rice noodles, fish sauce, and omelette. As you may have noticed, the recipe is oozing with goodness.

The good thing about the dish is that it is affordable and you will find it in every street of countries in Asia, not to mention how delicious it is.

2. Fish Amok

There is nothing that goes better with rice than this delicacy. It originates from Cambodia. It is available in most Asian countries that you will visit. What makes the dish qualify to be on the list? For one, it is Asian food that alone tells you that it can never go wrong. The dish consists of curry paste, marinated fish, and aromatic spices. It is not something that you will come across every day: well unless you are in Asia. The taste is just exotic. One more thing: make sure that you do not miss out of the coconut paste garnished with lime leaves.

3. Hokkien Mee

A breathtaking combination of pork and prawn. You must be wondering how exactly this works. The meal can be found in any country in Asia, but its origins can be traced to China. Hokkien Mee is a poke and prawn-based soup. It does not stop there. It comes with a combination of vermicelli noodles, prawns, fish balls, spicy sambal, soft egg noodles, and golden fried shallots.

You were probably disappointed thinking that is plain soup. Well, that is not the case. The ingredients will blow you away. As much as you can take it any time of the day, it is perfect for breakfast.

4. Nasi Rawon

Have you ever given the idea of having Indonesian food a thought? Well, this might be the ideal time to partake of it. You can start with Nasi Rawon. Indonesia is also quite diverse: you know what to expect of dishes originating from such areas. Nasi Rawon is an opportunity for you to consume beef in a unique form.

The meal is a beef soup that contains Indonesian black nut: of course prepared with skill. How is it prepared? Beef is cut into small pieces then cooked with a mixture of Indonesian spices, after which it is cooked in oil. Like most dishes in Asia, it works best with rice. You are, however, allowed to explore. If you love spicy food, this one would be worth a shot.

5. Hujiao Bing

The most exciting thing about this food is the fact that it is on CNN’s list of the best meals in Asia. Unlike most of the foods listed, it serves more like a snack. Hujiao Bing is a wheat bun stuffed with toasted sesame seeds and minced meat. The unique part is that the preparation is done in rustic clay ovens. This means that the buns will give you a more authentic taste than your regular meat pies with. Give it a try!

6. Peking Roasted Duck

The folks that cannot do without roasted meat, here is something for you from Asia. Peking roasted duck is a China delicacy that you are likely to come across in any Asian country. The mere fact that the roasted duck takes days and hours to prepare speaks volume. You can take the juicy and crispy meat with anything from pancakes to bean sauce.

You will never get enough of the dishes listed above. Therefore, you should make the most out of them when you have the chance to. Always carry an appetite to Asia

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