Keep Your Money & Identity Safe With RFID Wallets

How safe is your personal data? We have all heard horror stories on the news of people falling victim to identity theft or fraud. What can you do to better safeguard yourself against possible criminal threats? Thankfully, we can rely on one of the marvels of modern technology can be found in RFID. Radio Frequency technology has gradually infiltrated many corners of the public and private sector. Most of us are unaware of the vulnerabilities presents in the security of our personal data. We are here to help you keep your money and identity safe with RFID wallets. 

What is RFID technology?

RFID technology was developed in 1946. It uses were limited until the early nineties where it experienced its first commercial success with pet identification. Over the last two decades, RFID has been used in thousands of different applications in the public and private sectors. A RFID chip is a piece of silicone memory attached to a transmitter. The chip can be encoded with data as well transmit that data to a RFID scanner.

Where is RFID used in our lives?

Rfid chips can be found in so many different applications, it is impossible to name them all in one article. Here are some of the top uses of RFID chips that you may come across in your everyday experience.

  • Luxury goods – Manufacturers use RFID chips to prove the authenticity of products.
  • Access control – RFID chips in bangles or lanyards allow keyless, secure access to restricted areas.
  • Logistics – Chips are used to monitor the movement of goods in transit and improve supply chain logistics.
  • Passports – Passports contain RFID chips that hold your biographical data.
  • Bank cards – RFID chips are embedded in the card containing your personal and account information.

The problem with RFID

There is no doubt that RFID technology has improved the world. However, it has also opened opportunities for the criminal underworld as well. Criminals are able to buy compact, portable RFID scanners online. They then use these scanners to copy the data stored in your passport, identity documents, and bank cards. The information is downloaded and used to commit identity theft and fraud against you.

You will not be aware that the criminal is doing this as there is no physical contact with you at any time. All the criminal needs to do is sit next to you on the train or bus or stand next to you in a line at the movie theatre.

Protecting yourself & your money against criminals

There is a solution to help you avoid the prying eyes of criminals and their RFID scanners. A RFID wallet, such as the models on offer at are the perfect deterrent and security measure for anyone concerned about the safety and security of their personal data.

A RFID wallet has a thin strip of aluminium woven into the body of the wallet during its manufacture. This aluminium strip does not allow the frequency of the RFID scanner to pick up the data transmitted by the RFID chip.

The wallet looks just like any other wallet would and is made with genuine leather, featuring all the handy card pockets and document holders you need. Choose one that suits your lifestyle and protect your personal data from criminals. 

The final thought

The inconvenience and frustration related to the theft of your personal identity and data are well worth avoiding. Protect yourself with a RFID wallet and never get caught out.

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