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Raise Awareness On The Bane Of Mobile Phones Addiction

Can you imagine your life without a mobile phone? We suppose that no. We are the addicted people to our devices as they substituted our hobbies and friends. To tell the truth it is a big disaster to observe how little children surf the Internet instead of playing the football. If you are interested in that controversial issue visit great site Primetimeessay and find assignment writer who can describe this problem from the other corner. Let’s do our part to raise awareness on the bane of mobile phones addiction. 

It goes without saying that mobile phones are very dangerous. Do you know why? Let’s find out. The impact of the mobile phones on human health and the environment is very cruel. The toxic materials released from the mobile phones in the landfills may contaminate the soil and the underground water. All unused mobile phones are sent to the EPA-certified partners; they recycle them without causing any harm to the environment. One good way to improve the sell mobile phones by people is: every country’s government should put a strict order that unused mobile phones or any of their accessories actually dumped in dustbins.

The most significant and interesting fact of mobile phones is: we have a small amount of gold in the circuit board. Do you consider yourself as the rich man? Removing the gold in them by one’s own effort is dangerous. They are handed over to the recycling companies, and they’re going to pay you in turn. Apart from gold certain other toxic materials like arsenic, lead, cadmium, polyvinyl chloride, and chromium are present in the circuit board. People can be encouraged by setting a recycling campaign in their locality to collect the unused phones and paid in turn for that. Mobile phones that are too damaged can be sent for recycling and those in good condition enable you to take their useful parts.

Mobile phones with minor damage are refurbished and resold. Unused mobile phones can be sent to the recycling companies in their postage paid envelope. Recycling million unused mobile phones is the same as reducing the emission of greenhouse gas by 33 cars for a year. Because of the discovery of a new model of phones every day, the old ones are becoming unused. So, recycling of the old unused mobile phones will reduce the greenhouse gas and protect the environment. Mobile phones are the leading source of communication in today’s times. Many people rely on the mobile phones for communication and replace them with newer and better models. Electronic devices like mobile phones thrown in trash end up buried in landfills or burned at waste-to-energy facilities. So, the better options are reusing and recycling.

Every journey needs a start. Now let us keep our first step to the journey of mobile phones. Here comes required recycling of the unused mobile phones. The unused mobile phones are recycled to have the important parts from them. They threaten the human health and the environment. Instead of putting the unused mobile phones in the dustbin they could be especially given for recycling. When thrown in the lands they explode their toxic materials. Therefore they pollute the environment. Awareness should be created among peoples regarding the mobile phones. It is created among the people by conducting mobile phone recycling program in the workplace and in your community.

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