Understanding The Mobile Era In Payments

Recently, there is an active transition of the society from encashment and payments with a bank card to mobile payment systems and cashless systems. Electronic models are similar to conventional payment systems, but all the transactions in e-systems are released through the Internet via the app or special website. It’s easy to pay house bills, bank loans, and purchases while using special applications. mWallet belongs to the most popular and reliable B2B developments, moreover, it’s a creation of Wallet Factory Group that perceives as white label e wallet app and has a bargain price.

Such software platform has the following advantages:

  • Versatility and mobility. The mentioned digital solution allows customers to carry out all the financial manipulations with their electronic account at any time and in any place connected to the Internet (money transactions, purchases, etc).
  • Time preservation. It’s possible to pay for gasoline without leaving the vehicle or square accounts with a car driver.
  • Security. Electronic system uses a cryptographic encryption algorithm that protects all the data and presents additional control over the settlement system.
  • Ease of use. It’s simple to create and take advantage of the account, to set the limits, manage fees, and build up an eWallet revenue stream.

Wallet app – keep your business ahead

The mobile wallet usage gives certain competitive advantages, among which it’s necessary to highlight the revenue growth and cost reduction. This is about the commission fees from transfers, payments and all the digitized values stored in the wallet app. Such a mobile soft strengthens the brand, because thanks to the unique mobile wallet, the client has a convenient and universal financial provider of digital solutions.

It saves time because the transaction takes only a few minutes, which leads to a significant reduction in service time. mWallet attracts new clients, those, who want to keep up with the times and carry out all the financial procedures quickly and safely. Moreover, the product develops a network for receiving online (e-commerce) and offline (mobile commerce) payments.

The owner can customize bonuses for buying specific products, enjoy time-limited deals, and become a part of unique marketing activities. Thanks to mentioned development it’s feasible to send notifications upon partners’ requests and target email newsletters. It leaves open the possibility to send emails to certain groups of clients, manage mailing templates, and get informative reports. The product can also be adapted according to business peculiarities.

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