Top Reasons Why Minimalistic Designs Are Popular In Wallets

Designs change over the years and the flavour of the season is minimalist. Everywhere there is a subtle shift towards having stuff that is elegant and simplistic. Gone are the days when the need was for a design that was very heavy and intricate. It is all about convenience and getting rid of features that are not necessary all the time. For instance, many products come with additional features that are typically known as ‘bells and whistles’ which do not add true value to the product, other than giving it better appearance and aesthetics. 

The Need For A Wallet That Is Simple Yet Elegant

Wallets used to have many sections, with buttons, zips and all adorning the designs. However, the design requirements have changed, with more functional needs being considered now. For instance, cards have replaced the bulk of currency. While at present, it is hard to imagine going about without some amount of cash, it is also true that heavy amounts are not carried anymore in wallets. Most of the transactions are made through cards, leaving only some transactions that are made through cash. Therefore the need for a bulky section with the space required for the fold is now dispensed with, being replaced with stylish accessories like the minimalist wallet –

Uniform Size Of Sections

Wallets do come in different sizes, mainly to cater to the different sizes of currencies and denominations. However, in most nations, there have been conscious efforts to resize the various denominations to get uniform sizes. This has made it possible for designers to work out designs that are simplistic and uncomplicated. The emphasis is on functionality. The design is critical and is important for an accessory that is personal and will be a style statement. However, functionality is of greater importance in a wallet.

Advances In Materials And Finish

The advances in materials and finish have now made it possible for wallets to come in designs that were not possible earlier. While customized wallets were made with different materials, mass manufacture of wallets with exciting finishes and materials were not possible earlier. However, a new breed of designers has now made it possible for wallets to come in different materials and designs. Some of the more reputed and popular wallet makers use a combination of mass manufacture with hand finish to create stunning designs. This offers the advantage of uniformity of size while offering a perfect finish that only hand finished products can offer.

Durable Products With Enduring Finish

The present crop of products is durable with the finish lasting long. This means that a wallet will ideally last for a long time. And therefore the choice needs to be made considering a longer period. This is quite unlike the older wallets which were meant to be changed frequently. And the advantage of a simplistic wallet is that it can be used anywhere despite the changes in fashion. Any accessory that sticks to the basics can be used across all design periods without running the risk of standing out as a fashion misfit. A design that belongs to a specific period will be viewed as an odd design in another era. However, with simplistic designs, this is avoided.

Slim Sized Wallets

The need of the hour is slim wallets, with technology replacing most of the payments. Therefore the need is to cut down on the size of the accessories that are bulky. This is also the era where business is mixed with leisure. Effectively this means that the traveler needs to travel light. A visit to the shopping districts of a location may be necessary at short notice. A slim wallet can easily slip into most apparel, offering higher levels of convenience. A bulky wallet, on the other hand, will be difficult to accommodate in all casual wear. The idea is to have accessories that can be easily used and with greater convenience.

Accessories are style statements. This is the era where style and functionality converge. And the best way to do it is by having a range of accessories that are stylish, and elegant, yet simplistic and functional. When it comes to wallets, there is nothing more attractive than a .simple and elegant one that offers greater convenience. 

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