4 Reasons Why Istanbul Is A Popular Destination For Medical Tourism

Istanbul, the Eurasian city, is famous for various things, from Turkish delights that seduced Edmund in Narnia, to its culture and cuisine. For those who visited the city, watched its cinema, or saw its pictures; the attention is self-explanatory and cannot be put into words. Istanbul is a world that has to be witnessed in person. It mostly seems that Istanbul stands out in any aspect of entertainment. Therefore, most wonder how medical tourism made it to the equation. And if you are one of those who questioned, read along to discover why Istanbul is the world’s attraction for medical tourism.

1. Advanced technologies

For Istanbul to become the number 1 go-to destination for medical tourism, particularly hair transplants, it needs to satisfy its patients from every aspect, most importantly the quality of medical care. Hair transplants, which is what Istanbul is most popular for, is an exceptional experience in the archaic city. There are cutting-edge techniques that were invented in Turkey and are exclusive to the country alone such as sapphire FUE. Sapphire FUE hair transplants make the process of hair transplants all the more efficient and immaculate with its rare properties.

2. Cost efficient

Those who visited Istanbul or Turkey in generally as tourists before are aware of how affordable the country is. However cheap it may seem to tourists, the cost of living for locals earning their money in Turkish Liras is expensive. In other words, while hair transplants may seem out of reach for Turkish citizens, they are relatively affordable for Tourists. For an average of $2,500, one does not expect to receive high-quality medical care but Turkey is here to prove otherwise.

3. High-quality medical care

The Turkish government does not tolerate violations in the medical field. With frequent spontaneous inspections, most hospitals and medical facilities are certified. Even then certain hospitals offer better services and care than others when it comes to hair transplants. It is understandable that Hair transplants are low-risk minimally invasive procedures, as a result, not many hospitals operate in surgery rooms.

Certain hospitals like Vera Clinic perform a hair transplant procedure in proper surgery room despite the procedure being low risk. The extra care reflects on the quality of the final results.

4. Spending a few days in Istanbul

Another factor that contributes to the success of medical tourism in Istanbul is the city’s beauty. Particularly with hair transplants seeing as they’re quick-recovery procedures, patients can tour around the city as long as they cover their scalps.

With delicious food choices for vegans and meat-eaters alike, desserts such as baklava and Turkish delights that are sell-your-siblings-to-the-white-witch good, ancient monuments, and a beautiful weather Istanbul offers an altogether unique experience.

In closing

While Istanbul is generally famous for entertainment and traditional tourism, most might expect the city’s success to be far from medicine. However, with the growth of medical tourism, it seemed that Istanbul was getting more attention than any other city, specifically for hair transplants. While it may be relatively new for us to hear about Istanbul in a tone far from geography and culture, the country has always excelled in the medical field. However, with affordable prices and an opportunity for tourism, the city seemed to merely offer an unprecedented adventure.

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