5 Ways To Maximise Green Spaces In Your Small Garden

Today, space is a premium. Hence, it isn’t surprising that most houses don’t come attached with a large yard. Don’t be disappointed if your garden is smaller than the one you dreamt of. With a few smart moves, you can maximize its impact and make your garden look beautiful all through the year. Here are 5 ways you can maximise your green spaces in a small garden. Have fun! 

Experiment with Colour

Where you put down flowering plant can make a big difference to the look of your garden. If you place them in a corner, they may go unnoticed but if you place them in front, they will become the focal point of your garden. Place your flowering plants in such a way that they are the first thing to be noticed about your garden. This will make the rest of the landscape recede and in turn make your garden look bigger. 

Go Vertical

Who said plants have to grow only on horizontal surfaces. Dress up a plain exterior wall with vines or hanging planters. This gives your garden a unique look and expands its visual appeal. You could also try espaliering along the fence or a small shed. Also, look out for plants that grow taller instead of wider with time. For more ideas take a look at Homyden.

Create a Focal Point

When you have a small space, you need to draw attention to one pint rather than let it wander over the space. Hence, create a focal point in your garden. If you want the space to look cosy, this could take the form of a small seating area. If you’re going for a glamourous look; how about a fountain? If you like minimal fuss, an easy way to create a focal point is by grouping a few planters of staggered heights.

Minimize Clutter

For a small space, maintaining order is important. Working with straight lines in the form of planting areas is one way to do this. You could also help your space look organized by sticking to plants that bloom in the same or similar colour. Above all, keep your lawn neatly mowed and regularly prune your plants.

Section It Off

Try breaking your garden into smaller spaces instead of treating it as one large, flat space. If you like having a sit out; pave part of the space. Alternatively, raise your flower beds to distract the eye from the limited square foot area. You could also connect your indoor and outdoor spaces.

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