What Pinterest can do for Singapore Marketers

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Although Pinterest is taking the rest of the world by storm today, we have a take a modest stance when it comes to Singapore.

Singaporeans in general are not early adopters when it comes to social media platforms. Twitter took quite a while to warm up and many are only beginning to figure out Instagram today. Nevertheless, local businesses can make good use this lag time to comprehend what Pinterest can do for them.

The first thing marketers should do is to examine the usefulness of Pinterest for their business. Not all brands can benefit from Pinterest. Given its niche in picture sharing, Angie suggests that only brands with stunning imagery and develops unique products may find Pinterest a suitable fit.

She has made a list of 13 business sectors that can leverage on Pinterest:

1. Apparel

2. Food/beverages, especially recipe-driven

3. Architecture

4. Interior design

5. Wedding themed

6. Technology

7. Sports

8. Health care

9. Personal care

10.Home improvement / DIY accessories


12.Kids products / Toys


If your business falls under any of the above sectors, here are my quick thoughts on Pinterest application:

Drive Product Awareness & Web Traffic

Pinterest is all about sharing photos. There is no better way to drive product awareness and traffic to your company website or blog other than adding a “Pin It” button to the images on your business product pages or blog posts.

This amazing button will allow customers and readers to repin your products onto their own Pinterest board. ‘Pin It’ button can be easily generated via Pinterest Goodies Page.

Generate Endorsements & Influencers

Run contests for customers to pin a photo of themselves with their favorite product and tag the photo to your business.

Next, identify the participants with highest comments or repins and have their photos repinned onto your business Pinterest VVIP board. These photos automatically become positive product endorsement for your potential customers.

Interaction & engagement with these identified influencers should not stop here. Create regular activities & exclusive promotions to build a brand advocate community in the long run.

Understand Target Market Better

Pinterest allow people to showcase things that they like, places they will love to visit and food they lust after. By simply looking at your followers’ profile, pins, repins and profiles they follow, marketers will be able to gain valuable honest insights about their target market.

Marketers should reserve time to check out what’s being pinned and repinned by their followers. From the popular pins, they will be able to grasp the type of content that the community tends to favor and adapt their Pinterest contents according.

Test Bed for New Products

Marketers can use Pinterest to share sneak preview of their new product on their innovation boards and survey its potential acceptance or popularity.

I have recently shared an interesting infographic “A Marketer’s Guide To Pinterest: Pin It To Win It“. It illustrates the demographics, unique visitors, and companies jumping to get in on Pinterest’s popularity.

Hope the points above have been useful. You may also like to check out my posts on other interesting social media topics here

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