How To Turn Your Event Up A Notch With A Mardi Gras Theme

Many think of Mardis Gras as the ultimate party. This carnival-like celebration is a time for rejoicing before Lent begins. It is a time for parades, parties, beads and masks. During Mardi Gras time, many cities around the world come together to celebrate in a big way. New Orleans, Brazil and France are just some that come to mind. But if you are not located in those cities, and are not able to travel, you can bring Mardi Gras to your location.

A Mardi Gras theme is ideal for corporate events, anniversary parties and more. If you would like to incorporate Mardi Gras into your next event, here are some great ways to do it. Stay True to the Color Theme: Mardi Gras is represented by three colours. Purple symbolizes justice, green symbolizes faith and gold symbolizes power. Be sure to incorporate these colours into the decorations and party supplies you use.

When thinking of party supplies and decorations, think of streamers, confetti, party poppers, large party masks and plenty of beads.

Encourage Guests to Dress Up

Mardi Gras is a time to be outrageous and this should show in the outfits your guests wear. Outfit themes can be funny and satirical and riff on current events, while others may strive for elegance, class and beauty.

If you don’t want to make your guests go out of their way in dressing up, you can supply your own inexpensive wigs, oversized glasses, masks and boas that they can put on when they get there.

The Music

If you are hosting a Mardi Gras event, the musical entertainment you provide may be the most important detail of all. There are several classic songs associated with Mardi Gras including ‘Carnival Time’, ‘Iko Iko’ and more. Overall, you want the music playing to have a big band, jazzy vibe.

To really do your Mardi Gras party right, you will want to hire a band that can recreate the sounds of the great jazz legends at your event. Brass Animals bands specialize in Mardi Gras events and can lend the perfect flavour to your party with their jazz band and parade band ensembles.

The Food

When thinking of food for your Mardi Gras event, King Cakes are a must. These brioche style confections are topped with icing and coloured sugars that can be in the Mardi Gras colours of gold, purple and green. They are known for being eaten at midnight on Mardi Gras as the last food consumed before Lent begins.

Other examples of food that can be served include red beans and rice, gumbo, fried chicken, jambalaya, French bread and crawfish. (Note, you don’t have to be a great restaurant chef to serve crawfish to your guests, just order live crawfish and do a crawfish broil!)

The Drinks

No Mardi Gras party is complete without great drinks and cocktails. Because the vibe of Mardi Gras tends to be more casual, guests are often served beer and wine coolers that can be stored in an ice box. To make things even more authentic you can stock up on the Abita brand, a Louisiana brand that is sold locally.

But if you want something that hits a little harder or is looking to add more of a sophisticated vibe to your event, there are plenty of options. Louisiana also has several locally made vodkas that can be great in cocktails. Or you can serve cocktails that are popular during Mardi Gras like Bloody Mary, Sazerac, Ramos Gin Fizz, Hurricane, Vieux Carre, Sidecar and French 75.

So, the next time you are looking to turn your event up a notch, think about incorporating a Mardi Gras theme. It is one of the most fun and exciting times in American history and it is sure to make your event a memorable one.

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