Fixing Top Problems Faced When Managing Instagram For Business

Instagram is a fun social media platform that gives you numerous opportunities to engage with your audience – especially if you are a business. If you are managing Instagram for business, you are taking the chance to interact with a highly engaged community, and that only means massive benefits for your business. We are here to share how to fix top problems on Instagram Business accounts.

However, you quickly realize that Instagram is not exactly the best time-efficient method of marketing, and it requires a lot of sacrifice of time. For instance, how do you find the time to keep posting content, and always at a specific time? In fact, you can suffer from burnout early on and give up on the process entirely, because you are tired of trying to come up with new things every day. In addition, there is also the problem of logging in and out between business and personal accounts.

Instagram was never made to save time in marketing, though you can still utilize it to market your business – on a serious level. In fact, you can even do it without sacrificing four hours of your day, using the correct tools. Here are some of the problems you are likely to face, and solutions you can use.

Optimum schedules are a problem

If you find yourself struggling to manage to stick to a posting schedule, you are not alone. The secret to managing it through lies in posting during the ideal time for your followers. If you have not found these ideal timings already, then you should – you can use certain apps like Iconosquare to help you set a time according to engagements with your audience. You may use other apps such as those that help with increasing free Instagram video views – one time trial, but then you do not need to resort to that strategy.

However, what happens when you find the ideal time is when you are usually in the middle of something else? The saviour here will be the many scheduling apps that are optimized for Instagram, such as Latergramme, Schedugram and OnlyPult. You can even put your posts in advance for up to one week and then send them in as the week goes by.

Managing multiple Instagram accounts effectively

It is not easy to switch accounts on Instagram, unlike other social media platforms. This makes it a bore to keep going from your business account to your personal one, and the opposite – it can become a time-consuming process.

The secret to going around the problem is actually simpler than you think – using a third party app, which helps you manage multiple accounts from one spot. Some of them will be optimized for mobile Instagram, such as Primary and Fotogramme, while others are good for desktop use. Experiment with the different options you have and see what works for you.

The issues of responding to each comment

As you build your audience reach on the platform, your dream is to be as influential as possible. You eventually reach that stage, but now you are faced with a different problem – you are getting so many comments, even hundreds, thousands or more, but you are overwhelmed and cannot respond to all of them. So how are you supposed to keep up the engagement?

Well, the good news is there is an app for that.

One is InstaCommentor, an interactive comment organizer. As you reply to each comment, it ticks off each and switches them to the ‘replied’ list, and it even allows you to reply to multiple people simultaneously. Another app is Iconosquare, which also happens to be among the more famous apps helping in managing Instagram accounts. It shows you a list of all the comments and alerts you about those you have not replied to.

Photos are hard to edit, and the feed is difficult to manage properly from a small mobile screen

To be honest, mobile is a great way to keep updated on your Instagram when you are out and about on your day. However, there are times you want a proper large desktop screen to edit the shots extensively and also organize your account.

Even though the platform is optimized for mobile, it does have some desktop functions. For instance, you can like photos, comment on posts, and view your feed. However, you cannot post anything (what a bummer) – but you can bypass the problem by using some third party apps.

These include Iconosquare (notice how it features again in its utility value), as well as Ink361 (has a very attractive but functional look and allows you to track statistics regarding your count), and Webstagram.

It becomes tiring to post across many social media networks

So you have your post ready for upload, and you go to the Share button that allows you to post to some social media platforms. However, these are really few, and you might have others that you want to post – but the thought of heading to those accounts and manually posting them becomes tiring and time-consuming.

Well, you do not need to go through that anymore. Thanks to an app called IFTTT (If This Then That), it can accomplish all these automatically for you. In fact, it can give you effective shortcuts and make the process smoother for you. All the time-consuming tasks you would have done are accomplished in an instant through this app, and the good news is there are no downsides to it.

You want to tidy up your following list and retain the quality connections

When you are starting out on Instagram or any social media platform. It is only natural to want to follow the influential people you admire or your favourite brands, and then follow anyone who follows you. However, you begin to grow your account, and you start to see that not all the connections you made were actually genuine. It becomes more challenging to see the people who are actually engaging with you, the people unfollowing you, and those that are following you.

To solve this, there is an app called Crowdfire, which shows you the people who are not following you back, blacklist the people you do not want to hear from, do a friend check and see the people who followed you and find out if they are worth engaging.

Final thoughts

Managing an Instagram account on a full-time basis is hard, but fortunately, there are many tools to help you in the process.

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