4 Ways How You Can Make Drinking Water More Enjoyable

Water is life, so goes the saying. Water makes up to 60% of our bodies and to stay healthy, we must regularly replenish it with water. Estimates suggest that Americans obtain roughly 20% of their every day daily water consumption through food. An adult requires anywhere between 2.2 to 3 litres of water daily to retain a healthy balance. We are here to share 4 ways how you can make drinking water more enjoyable for everyone!

What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Water?

Effects of dehydration are far-reaching. In addition to typical symptoms like dry lips, skin and mouth, headache, less apparent symptoms include fatigue, low concentration levels, and low moods. When we fail to drink enough water, the body treats the situation as some emergency and begins to ration water. Consequently, the body allocates the available water to life-sustaining functions. Long-term this may result in chronic illnesses such as arthritis, high blood pressure, digestive disorders among others.

Make Drinking Water More Enjoyable

Despite all these, there are those among us who don’t take a shine to water. If you wish to increase your water intake here are some tips to make water more enjoyable to drink.

1. Get Imaginative With Ice

Some people claim ice water tastes way better than water given out at room temperature. In that case, flavoured ice cubes make for an even better drink. Try flavouring options by experimenting with mint, cucumber or fresh fruit ice cubes. Just chop your preferred additive, add it to the ice cube tray with water, then ice. You may as well consider coffee, tea or juice cubes. You may also want to be more innovative and use ice cube trays with fancy shapes like circles, fish or stars.

2. Make It Bubbly

Most of us opt for sparkling to still water. Supposing that plain old water doesn’t arouse you, try naturally bubbly mineral water – which comes with the added perk of minerals. Alternatively try tonic water, a carbonated soft drink. Alternatively, you may opt for fizzy seltzer, carbonated water. You may add natural juice or fresh fruit flavours to the seltzer, or you could shop for naturally flavoured seltzers.

3. Add Tea

Red, herbal, green, fruit and white teas are mostly deemed to be preferable for you compared to coffee or black teas owing to their low caffeine content. Luckily, there are numerous tea flavours to choose from. You may start with checking out the available selections at the local health food store or market. Presuming that you’re keen on pursuing the more exotic and refined teas, start by researching the broad array of teas that come from around the globe.  

4. Use Juice

Just about any fruit juice makes an excellent base flavor; however, tart juices like apple, grape, pomegranate, and cranberry are markedly delicious. Opt for natural juices with zero added sugars. Remember: fruits and accompanying juices don’t just taste great – they contain antioxidants and vitamins beneficial to your well-being.  

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