Top 5 Luxurious Dubai Hotels To Pamper Yourself In

When you think of Dubai, towering skyscrapers, powerful sports cars, and posh hotels probably come to mind. A quick tour is enough for anyone to say that it’s truly one of the most expensive cities in the world. If you want more proof, just check out the many luxury hotels in Dubai. The choices seem limitless, but here are the Dubai’s Five Star hotels Booking that proves more luxurious than the rest. We are here to share the Top 5 Luxurious Dubai Hotels To Pamper Yourself In. 

1. Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab takes pride in being the world’s most luxurious hotel. It’s difficult to live true to such a bold claim, but the hotel embodies extravagance in every sense of the word. Located off the coast of Dubai, guests begin their posh experience in a Rolls Royce. It’s also possible to arrive at the hotel by a helicopter ride as it has its own helipad. The fancy interior shouts extreme decadence. The Royal Suites, in particular, offer nothing but the best in terms of comfort and luxury. The room rates are incredibly high, but the super-rich guests are more than happy to try this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. Palazzo Versace Dubai

The Creek’s most precious gem is undoubtedly Palazzo Versace, a luxury hotel with 215 rooms and suites. Every single thing you see appears over-the-top – but it’s supposed to be just that. The hotel attracts some of the most affluent people in the world, thanks to its unparalleled dining experience, highly-personalized service, and unmatched comfort. It’s hard not to feel like a royalty when you stay in one of the best hotels in Dubai.

3. The St. Regis Dubai

On the outside, The St. Regis might not seem like much. It’s a low-rise building that doesn’t exude utmost superfluity. But as soon as you step inside, you’ll be greeted by marble staircases like no other. What’s great is that their rates fall on the more affordable side, prompting travellers on a budget to choose the hotel as their temporary home in the city. The amenities include a parquet-floored gym, an Iridium Spa, and a cocktail bar where you get to sip a Bloody Mary with gold flakes on top.

4. Four Seasons Resort Dubai

For a family-friendly luxury hotel, look no further than Four Seasons Resort. This is where you’ll find Mercury, often considered by many as the world’s coolest rooftop bar. Located in Jumeirah Beach, the hotel offers breathtaking views. It’s also popular for its colourful gardens, a perfect place for snapping shots for Instagram. You can also pamper yourself at the Pearl Spa which consists of a team of therapists from various parts of the world including Thailand, Indonesia, and India.

5. The Palace Downtown Dubai

For a more authentic Dubai experience, be sure to consider checking in at the Palace Downtown. It boasts 242 rooms and suites, most of which feature touches of Middle Eastern artistry including lively fabrics and carved-wood panelling. It’s also refreshing to see the entrance lobby filled with gorgeous white roses. Even the swimming pool is full of petals, a nice touch to an already luxurious experience.

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