5 Secrets To Lose Weight Fast For Singapore Officer Dwellers

Remember when you were younger and had ample time to work out and stay in shape? When you start working on a hectic 9 to 6 schedule, you probably face the same problem many Singaporeans face – weight gain from physical inactivity and lower metabolism. The fastest way to improve your self-image is probably not to work on your weight expectations but attitude.  Forget dubious supplements, going into starvation mode or ungodly workouts; those things simply do not work or yield little results. Instead, try our 5 secrets to lose weight fast for Singapore officer dwellers. 

1. Make water a core component of your diet

Water not only helps to jumpstart your metabolism, it ironically also helps with getting rid of surplus water weight! Being zero calories, zero carbs and with little or no sodium, it is undeniably the perfect hydration mode if you’re looking to stay hydrated without experiencing puffiness. That is if you keep the other aspects of your diet clean as well! Consider adding lemon slices if plain water becomes, well, too plain. 

2. Substitute refined carbs for vegetables

Carbs in white rice, bread or pasta often get digested very quickly, leaving you hungry and vulnerable to overeating, once the hunger pangs set in. Some might suggest substituting such food items with healthier whole-grain options, but how about replacing them with vegetables altogether? Consider say cauliflower ‘rice’ by grating cauliflower instead of bread or rice. They are likely to be equally filling. And you get a whole range of options in the form of vegetables.

3. Drink coffee; yes coffee, one hour prior to your workout

Having coffee without sugar pre-workout can energize your actual workout. This is the one exception to the water only rule. Before you know it, you’ll like be burning more calories because you’re pushing yourself harder. So coffee addicts, fire away!

4. Sleep half an hour more a night

This should be one of the easier ones. Just 30 minutes more sleep a night is likely to rejuvenate you better to make better decisions, especially when it comes to food and workouts. You are less likely to procrastinate going to the gym or to comb your fridge for a sweet fix. Having adequate rest (7 to 8 hours a night) has also been proven to improve your metabolism. Also, because your body builds muscle while you sleep, getting ample sleep also means greater muscle tone!

5. Eliminate one food from your diet

Removing just one specific food from your routine diet can make an accumulative difference in the long run. Consider eliminating sugary foods as they are often the greatest perpetrators of a bad and unhealthy diet. You may go about it one food at a time and watch the difference it makes to your weight.

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