7 Delicious Local Food In Phuket To Drool Over

Here’s something in Phuket people don’t talk about enough – the food. Trust us, Phuket’s not just a sweet beach getaway, but a foodie paradise too. Phuket food is an interesting mix of Southern Thai, Chinese, and Malay influences, so you’ll be taking your taste buds on a cultural tour too. Below’s all the best local food in Phuket that you need to hunt down while you’re there:

1. Khao Tom Haeng (Dry rice porridge)

We bet you haven’t tried porridge like this. While porridge is usually watery, Khao Tom Haeng puts a dry spin on things that definitely pays off.  It’s an absolute can’t-miss in Phuket, ask any local. The dry porridge is topped with crispy pork and pork insides served with a separate soup that completes the combo just right.

2. Khanom Jeen (Rice curry noodles)

Khanom Jeen is a type of rice noodle that’s widespread in Thailand, but in Phuket, the locals really love to eat it for breakfast. You can get it with different types of curries. In Phuket, there’s actually a shop that has 10 different types of curry to choose from. Overwhelmed? Not to worry. Go with a local (more on that below) and you’ll know all the best to try.

3. Hokkien Mee (Hokkien Fried Noodles)

Fun fact: Many locals in Phuket are of Chinese descendants, specifically Chinese migrants who arrived in the 1800s. So, Hokkien culture is one of the major influences of Phuket cuisine. This dish, Hokkien Mee, is a delicious savory stir-fry of egg noodles, pork or seafood, and veggies showered with a thick gravy-like sauce.

4. Moo Hong (Pork Belly Stew)

Another Hokkien signature dish of Phuket, Moo Hong is hard not to love. Large chunks of fatty pork are braised with palm or brown sugar, garlic, and black pepper. Back in the day, sweetening meat was also a way to preserve it, so this is your perfect overlapping Venn Diagram of practical and delicious.

5. Roti

If you’ve been in Thailand for some time, you might be no stranger to Roti. The Indian flatbread is certainly popular, but in Phuket, there’s a little twist on it too. Local vendors tear the Roti into pieces and top the heap with a fried egg. This is also a breakfast favorite for locals, but you can also eat it just as a snack too.

6. Oh Aew (Shaved ice with gelatin)

Nothing beats an ice-cold dessert on a hot day. When you want to cool down from the heat in Phuket, grab a cup or bowl of Oh Aew. It’s shaved ice with a dash of bright pink syrup and topped with cubes of jelly and kidney beans. Locals love it!

7. Dim Sum

If dim sum is your comfort food, then you shouldn’t miss trying it in Phuket, and other towns in Southern Thailand where there’s a strong Chinese culture. Locals also have it for breakfast, so start your morning just right with sum goodness!

Is your mouth watering yet? Because ours are! Best of all, you can try many of these mouth-watering local foods in one day with this ultimate Phuket food tour. Not only will you be eating at locals’ favorite shops and restaurants, but you will also get to visit a fresh market, find incredible viewpoints of the city, explore a local temple and relax with a foot massage to top it all off. Now that’s how to spend an awesome day in Phuket!

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