Top 10 Least Visited Countries That Are Definitely Worth A Visit

When it comes to travel, there are so many different destinations to choose from. For the more popular destinations, you are probably sick of looking at the same attractions photos taken by your friends. If you are eager to impress your friends and would like to experience the joy of exploring uncharted territories, we recommend that you visit some of the least visited countries in the world. For some reason, these spots have yet to become tourist hubs but that status may not last. You will be glad to have dropped in to enjoy unspoiled destination and cherish the pleasant memories all your life!

1. Least Visited Countries – Guinea-Bissau: Afro-Russian Roulette

The country has as many as 30,000 tourists a year. Like most of the western African countries, Guinea-Bissau is engaged in recurrent violent civil disorder. As a result, poverty in the country became pervasive. Due to the combination of these two factors, no one but dare-devils have the brass for trips to Guinea-Bissau.

What makes it still worth visiting?

One of the least visited countries, it has its own gem that does not resemble any other natural beauty you’ve already seen on Earth. It is called Bijagos Archipelago. This is a series of islands with white beaches surrounding the mainland. If it were not for the mentioned above two aspects, these islands would have appeared in the top exotic places worth seeing.

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2. Least Visited Countries – Mauritania: The Queen Of Dunescapes

Unlike the most visited country, Mauritania cannot boast of more than 30,000 tourists per year. It’s problematic to get there from the neighbouring countries – the transport connection is bad. Also, here you will enjoy the lack of standard conveniences offered by civilization, like ATM machines which are indispensable for every traveller.

What makes it still worth visiting?

You will fail to find the landscapes of the sandy desert like the ones you can find here in some most visited country. Those who have once been to this country say that the dunes of Mauritania do not resemble any other sandy landscape in Africa or elsewhere. Well, it has some more attractions. When the sandy land meets the Atlantic Ocean, the large expanses of water burst upon the view giving incredible feelings of freedom and easiness. What else do you need to feel happy? On the beach, you will find many resorts offering a shelter from your routine pastime.

3. Least Visited Countries – Solomon Islands: The End Of ill Fame 

The country enjoys 14,000 visitors a year. The country is known for its constant internal struggles, but this is only the edge of an iceberg for those who dare to come here should be ready to face lack of infrastructure and malaria. Well, it takes efforts to find your way to the Solomon Islands as very little quantity of international flights offer such excursion.

What makes it still worth visiting?

It seems the country put the dot in violent civil disorders some years ago. Now, little by little it starts developing its infrastructure trying to dispose of its potential in adventurous tourism. The route from the least visited country to the top tourist hub is long. And they do have plenty of attractions to satisfy the needs of different guests: waterfalls and volcanoes for grateful spectators, world class diving and surfing spots for tourists looking for active leisure.

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4. Least Visited Countries – Bhutan: The Happiest Place On Earth

The number of tourists coming to this country per year makes up 28,000. In comparison with the enlisted countries, this one seems out of place. The matter is that a lot of people would like to visit Bhutan, but it’s Bhutan itself that limits the tourists’ number: its government offers a restricted number of tourists. What’s more, the selection is strict, and the price for a voyage is just exorbitant.

What makes it still worth visiting?

Himalayan mountains attract tourists by the untouched nature, but most of the people come out of interest for the peculiar culture that lives in isolation from the world and preserves its values and sacred secrets.

5. Least Visited Countries – Sao Tome & Principe: The Lost Island

Only 12,000 of tourists come to this country every year. A picturesque spot, this island is under the radar for now though it belongs to the group of places with the most obvious touristic potential among those enlisted in this article. Unfortunately, most of the people have not heard of it yet.

What makes it still worth visiting?

To get to Sao Tome & Principe, you should not suffer from multiple transfers as there is a direct flight from Lisbon. This is a place to come to get lost peacefully. There is no more place for disturbing calls of your boss and study overload. Turn off your phone and social networks, redirect your urgent writing tasks to some reliable assignment writers like EduBirdie and enjoy life!

This spot offers you a splendid mixture of leisure for different tastes: excursion through wild jungles, diving, and snorkelling to feel the adrenaline rush, fishing pleasure for those willing to enjoy the silence, and many other activities to get rid of routine. Perhaps, in several years it will become a new most visited country.

6. Least Visited Countries – Comoros: Repulsive & Beautiful Appearance 

15,000 of tourists come to the Comoros every year. The country with rich scenery, it offers a set of conditions holding a large number of people off the journeys to the Comoros. Repetitive military coups earn the country one of the lowest positions on the list of the least visited countries.

What makes it still worth visiting?

The Comoros islands have all the “facilities” for the construction of the best resort infrastructure for tourists: beautiful beaches, breath-taking landscapes, etc. Many people would love to spend their vacation in such place.

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7. Least Visited Countries – Tajikistan: Unforgettable Bureaucracy 

About 4,000 tourists come to see what Tajikistan looks like every year. The bureaucratic procedure preceding visa receiving makes people willing to visit Tajikistan change their mind. Besides, the location of the country also made journeys quite inconvenient. Tajikistan is so far from all the rest of touristic spots that most of the tourists regard side trips here next to impossible.

What makes it still worth visiting?

A part of the Silk Road, this country has plenty of natural attractions offered by the mountainous landscapes. Due to the mixture of influences of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity, the destination offers architectural wonders.

8. Least Visited Countries – Moldova: The Wine Vacation 

About 7,000 of tourists a year visit this country. One of the poorest parts of Europe, Moldova and the concrete jungle of the city of Chisinau (its capital) do not offer unpredictable pastime.

What makes it still worth visiting?

The conditions of visa do not offer any complications, and the flights here are affordable, but you can only come to Moldova on your own as no tour route includes it on its list. If you wish to come here, make certain you’ve prepared your wine routes as in Moldova there are several places worth seeing where you can taste amazing wine. The very first of them is Cricova complex with the biggest wine cellar in the whole world! Though Chisinau can be hardly called the world top attraction, here you can have a great time! It can be lots of fun for cheap if you choose Couchsurfing.

9. Least Visited Countries – Marshall Islands: Peaceful Atom  

For the Marshall Islands, the number of visitors makes up 6,000 tourists. Once the territory of atomic testing, the Islands have fallen into disgrace. Nevertheless, the main reason why they are not yet a popular spot is lack of connections to civilization.

What makes it still worth visiting?

Here is a place where every adherent of the Pacific paradise can enjoy the sluggish pastime, coastal lakes, corals of bizarre forms, and communication with unhurried inhabitants to the fullest. Whether you choose diving or bathing in the sun with an exotic cocktail in hand all day around – this place has everything you need (and even some things that most visited country can’t offer) for you to feel as happy as a lark. Make the whole world wait!

10. Least Visited Countries – Kiribati: Vacation In A God-forsaken Place 

Every year Kiribati Islands greet 3,900 tourists. To make your way to one of those islands is a sophisticated task. I do mean it will be quite a problem to get there, but what is even worse it will be just as challenging to transport between them. Kiribati Islands are scattered on the vast territory of the Pacific Ocean.

What makes it still worth visiting?

The place is known as one of the best diving and fishing spots and the bonus splendid ocean view for those willing to fence oneself off the rest of world.

For now, these are the least visited countries in the world. Does that mean they are the worst places to spend vacation? No, but some of them do put up a great number of difficulties. Is the game worth a candle? Some of them are just the least known countries for some reason with plenty of sights and beautiful nature.

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