Can You Solve The Lack Of Sleep With The Help Of Modern Science?

Science has tremendously taken all place in our life from technology to household.  As sleep is one-third of our whole life so we can also solve our sleep problems with it as well. A night rest after a hectic day means everything for a lot of people. But insomniac people cannot enjoy this peace. For them, the lack of sleep is something too difficult to solve. We have gathered some tips on solving sleep problems in light of science. Try to keep these in mind before going to bed to have a better sleep.

Try to find out problems first

If you do not have a good idea of your problems, then you will not be able to solve the sleep problem in the first place. When you cannot sleep then try to know what is bothering you that is stopping you from sleeping.

If it is a back pain that is bothering you then get the most comfortable mattress possible. Discomfort in bed is one of the biggest reasons for having back pain according to many types of research. And it is impossible to have a good night’s sleep with pain.

How to solve these problems?

If you are falling short of space in the bed, then reconsider buying a new mattress or your bedroom. If you are sharing the bed with your partner buy a twin mattress size for the best possible comfort.

Shoulder pain

If you have shoulder pain, then you should not sleep on your sides. Side sleeping is best for normal people, but pressurizing shoulder in pain is not right. If you cannot sleep without being on your side then sleep on the other shoulder where there is no pain. The research is according to the mayo clinic. You can also hug a pillow to get support.

Back pain

Getting a mattress that gives full support to the back is essential. If you already got best mattress for backpain with support then put a pillow in between your thighs while sleeping on your stomach. It adds extra support to the back. And it also reduces some weight of the body from the back. If you sleep on the back, then add the pillow under the leg.

Neck pain

Neck pain is because of pillows most of the time. We do not care about changing pillow at all. It puts our sleep in risk. It is claimed in a lot of researches that we should change our pillow every two years. Try to buy a firmer pillow that is made of latex, because there are studies that say these gives better support.


Snoring may seem to be a problem for others, but it is not true. A problem with the breathing system causes this. Sleeping insides sometimes solves it. Or try to clean sinus with saline before sleeping.

Are you not being able to sleep?

If you are facing problem in falling asleep, then you should reconsider your lifestyle. Avoid caffeine entirely and do not drink alcoholic things at all. Exercising in the morning or afternoon is better than doing it before going to bed. Studies say that physical activities before sleep makes us energetic. It does not let us sleep.

Is it hard for you to stay asleep?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night often? There are a lot of people who have the same problem and cannot get sleep after waking up. It disturbs our deep sleep. Once deep sleep gets disrupts we cannot sleep anymore. So try to keep the temperature of your room 68 to 71-degree f. sleep foundation says that alcoholic people face this problem most of the time. To avoid any of you have this habit.


Sleep problem is sometimes depressing as it lowers down our productivity. Make a suitable routine to get used to sleeping at the same time. If all these problems do not help much then talk to a professional.


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