All You Need To Know About Korean High-speed Trains

We are no stranger to Europe’s superfast rail lines, and neither is South Korea with their Korean High-speed Trains KTX line. KTX line has considerably raised itself to the standards of super-fast rail lines seen in European nations. If you are visiting Korea then don’t forget to include this on your to-do list because who wouldn’t want to travel at 350 miles per hour. This guide will provide you with all the necessary bits of information that would help you book your KTX tickets. The KTX trains are comfortable, affordable and easy to travel by. It sure is the fastest way to travel to your desired destination at an optimum price.

KTX Stations

There are primarily four KTX train stations in Seoul. These stations are Seoul station, Cheongnyangni Station, Yongsan Station and Yoeungdongpo Station. Most of this KTX trains leave from Seoul station or Yongsan station which terminates into the cities of Busan, Mokpo, Yeosu, and Jinju. All the major cities fall under that stretch. There is an extra line to Incheon International Airport that allows passengers to travel to cities directly without the hassle of changing routes in Seoul Station.

KTX-I and KTX-Sancheon are the two types of KTX trains that are there where the newly built Sancheon train has better seats with more power plugs. Although the KTX service doesn’t connect to other countries, many Koreans hope to run the lines through North Korea and other parts of the Asian continent in future. The line starts in Seoul and they terminate either south-west or south-east of the nation. With the two primary stations at Seoul, the connectivity binds all the major lines together for further convenience.

How To Book Tickets

Making a reservation for KTX trains is very easy, you can approach the ticket counters in the stations to do so. Tickets at the counter are sold from 9 am and for advanced bookings, you’d have to book your seats a month prior to your date of reservation. In case the seats are fully booked you can apply for the waiting list online and grab the next vacancy if there are any. KTX has also issued a deadline for reservations where if you fail to pay for the tickets within that will result into a cancellation. Once you make the purchase, the last date of payment will also be issued. You can also get them through online bookings or travel agencies.

Destinations Along Your Ride

The opening of KTX Kyung Kang line has made it convenient for travellers to visit Gangwon province which is only an 86-minute train ride that starts from Seoul and tons of attractions. From Pyeongchang Station, you see some amazing scenery that seats between the famous Podasean Mountain National Park. You can also grab this chance to visit the nearby places like Alpensia and Yongpyong ski resorts.

Incheon is bursting with activity and the KTX trains run into this place as mentioned before. It is a great place to catch up on your breath before going back to Seoul. This place is famous for its markets and for its local Korean cuisine. Few mention worthy places here are Jeondeungsa Temple, Incheon Grand Park, and Incheon’s Chinatown. If you are looking for travel options by train then these places mentioned above can be included in your list.

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