Things To Do When You Visit Koh Yao Noi Thailand During Summer

Summer is always filled with warmth from the sun. I love traveling during the season, not because of great deals on airfare, but because of the opportunities to see different places and meet new friends. I really hope you enjoy this list I’ve put together about the seven greatest things to do when you visit Koh Yao Noi Thailand during the summer season!

1. Yoga

Yoga is said to be one of the most popular activities in Thailand. I’ve even heard others refer to it as, “the most intimate home away from home.” With wonderful weather, a large amount of privacy and nature just closed by, (assuming you aren’t horribly terrified of exotic bugs!) I can only imagine the peace you will enjoy!

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2. Bars

Thai bars are filled with many kind locals. You can easily find a bar in Thailand with a pool table. So, wait. What makes this different from any other island? If I’m being completely honest, I only mentioned this, because everyone needs a drink every now and again. If the fact that it’s in Thailand isn’t doing anything for you, maybe you aren’t much of a drinker. What better place for a drink than somewhere in Thailand where you can shoot some pool??

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3. Massage

If you aren’t a bar person, maybe you’d rather check out a massage parlor? One of the most known Koh Yao Noi activities is spending a little time at traditional Thai massage places. I’ve heard their massage therapists are highly trained to perform forceful and heavy duty massages, even on the toughest of muscles.

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4. Thai Cooking Class

If you are a foodie, you would love Thai food. Cooking Class in Koh Yao Noi  is like home economics from another planet, a beautiful, fun, tasty planet. The dishes are incredible and available for any level of cook. (I’m far from a decent cook, so I would definitely take a cooking class just to see if I would burn anything like I do at home!) I have to admit, knowing all the different types of people from all over the world who come to take her cooking class is pretty extraordinary!

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5. A Village Tour

Koh Yao Noi trip may also include a few nights at a nice resort. A boat trip that takes you over? Yes, please. A tour of the village? I’ll take it any day of the week. AND I don’t have to walk? I’m pretty sure Thailand is encouraging everybody to move there, at this point.

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6. Island Hopping

If you love to “island hop,” (similar to bar hopping, but offers more than just a drink,) Koh Nok Island is one to check out. Bring a bathing suit, because this island has some of the cleanest beaches in Thailand. Assuming you don’t get seasick, it’s a 15-20 minute boat ride from the mainland to Koh Nok Island. If you’re in great shape, wear flip flops and climb to its top. The view is breathtaking and well worth the exercise.

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7. A Boat Trip

If you don’t get seasick at all and enjoy boat rides, this might be more your thing. It isn’t just a boat tour, where you learn about the history of it being a real pirate ship, but you get to ride it, as well. You can also use it to do fun activities, like weddings, family vacations, and snorkelling tours. (I’m not a huge fan of going several feet underwater in an unknown territory, but if you think it sounds fun, go for it!)

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Thailand is ranked top of the world as a tourist destination. In recent times, there are a high numbers of foreigners interested in acquiring property in Thailand. Thailand has a ton of places to visit and things to try in terms of going on vacation, or spending time at a high end resort. Whether it’s July or December, these sound like the perfect activities to do around summertime, in my opinion. Getting around from place to place, (or island to island,) is a lot more entertaining and lively than simply driving a car, or taking a bus.

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There you have a list that, from my perspective, (which may or may not make a difference to your traveling experience) beside the Capital, Bangkok, this would be an unforgettable journey to add in your summer stories. Considering my summer journeys are pretty lame, I hope this list helps some of my fellow travelers!

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