How To Fix Kitchen Slab Leak In The Sink

The kitchen is an important space in your home. It’s where you spend valuable time preparing your favourite dishes. So, why neglect it? Why leave the kitchen sink look awful? You don’t have to. Repair the kitchen sink and inject more life into it. However, fixing the kitchen sink isn’t that easy. For instance, if you don’t have the know-how, things can be difficult. That’s why this expert advice has been prepared for you. Below, you will find the tips and tricks you need to repair a damaged kitchen sink like a pro.

A Leaking Kitchen Sink

Don’t ignore any leaks. Water leaking below your skin can damage your kitchen cabinet and flooring. So, start by checking where the water is coming from. For instance, if there’s water around the faucet spout’s ring, then it could be a worn-out O-ring. To fix this, turn off the water to the sink and remove the spout, and replace the ring.

Kitchen Sink Clogs

A clogged kitchen sink can be extremely inconvenient. If there are food items in the drain, the smell from a clogged sink can be quite unpleasant. So, avoid putting such things down the drain, thinking that the disposal will effectively take care of it. Remember, your disposal unit isn’t a miracle worker.

Celery, pumpkin, pasta, potatoes, rice, coffee grounds, squash, and eggshells are some of the things that shouldn’t go down the sink drain. If your disposal is clogged with grease, you may want to try pouring some boiling water down the drain. If there are food items stuck in the disposal itself, consider hiring a professional to fix the problem.

But if you have a double basin, you might have to inspect your non-disposal drain for clogging.  You can use boiling water to check if there’s anything clogging the drain that’ll disintegrate or wash away. If the clog is deep down, try utilizing a plumber’s snake to clear it off so that water can run through.

Consider Checking the P-Trap

Sometimes gunk might get stuck at the P-trap below your sink. Typically, a P-trap refers to the curve present in the pipe underneath your sink. This curve can cause food, hair, as well as grease that makes its way down the drain to get trapped and block the sink. Be sure to place a bucket below the drain so that water doesn’t spill on the floor when you open the trap.

After unfastening the trap and removing the pipe inside it, go ahead and replace the trap then test it by running clean water down the drain.

When to Call a Professorial Plumber

Of course, everyone loves DIY projects, but sometimes you might need to call in for backup. If you aren’t sure about what you’re doing, it’s better to contact a professional handle the repairs. Whether it’s a leak or a clog, expert plumbers can fix the issue in no time.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t neglect the kitchen sink. It can lead to more trouble in your kitchen. From the awful smell to contaminated water, a damaged kitchen sink is something you shouldn’t ignore. The above tips will help you repair the kitchen sink like a pro. You can also hire and have your leaking kitchen sink repaired professionally. 

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