Exploring Kampong Glam Singapore – A Traveller’s Cultural Experience

As a traveller, Kampong Glam Singapore is a perfect location because of its rich history and culture. It has famous streets like Haji Lane, Arab Street, Kandahar Street that has various shops, restaurants that you can spend hours in. I walked around the area and came across quite some interesting restaurants and shops, but it isn’t easy to discover these shops and I had the help of a travel app called LocoMole. But first, let’s check out some interesting restaurants and shops in Kampong Glam Singapore. 

Restaurants in Kampong Glam

1. Derwish Turkish Mediterranean

Derwish is an authentic Turkish restaurant located in Bussorah street. It’s a bustling place with a lot of people. They have a wide range of offerings with traditional Turkish delicacies like kebabs, lamb pide, Kunefe, Beyti and more. The manager Ivan is friendly and makes sure the guests are at home. The interior is beautiful with an authentic vibe to it.

2. Lubnan Authentic Lebanese

Lebanese cuisine is considered one of the best in the world and representing that is Lubnan. Owned by the same people who run Derwish, Lubnan serves Lebanese items such as Lamb Mandi, Chicken Kabsa among other dishes

3. Mamanda Restaurant

Mamanda has historical significance because the restaurant is located in a mansion that is 173 years old and was once the home of Tengku Mahmud who was the heir to the Sultan’s throne.  They serve authentic Malay cuisine. It’s located close to the Malay Heritage Centre.

Shops in Kampong Glam

1. The Silver Triangle

The Silver Triangle sells jewellery and handcrafted toys. It’s located in Haji Lane. If you want a quick fashion fix and buy something to look more fashionable, this is the place to visit. The owner of the shop Fabrice is a fun and jovial person, who will help you pick the right trinkets for your outfits.

2. Chic Fever

Photography isn’t allowed inside the shop, but if you visit the place, you’ll see how electric and beautiful it is. As the image suggests, you get bags, home decor items, watches and what not. If you are looking for interesting souvenirs, this is the place to go. They have a good collection of vintage products that will look good in your home. And they play Jazz music, while you’re shopping.

The shop isn’t hard to miss because of the big blue Subaru in the front of the store. The owner owns two other stores called Film Box and 68 in case you want similar styles.

Kampong Glam’s famous Monument – The Sultan Mosque

Kampong Glam’s most famous building is the Sultan Mosque. It’s a beautiful place of worship with a golden dome. The history of the mosque is as follows.  When the British took over Singapore in 1819, they let the then Island Chief Temenggong Abdul Rahman and Sultan Hussain Shah to acquire swathes of land. As Kampong Glam was allocated to the Malays, Sultan Hussain and other Muslims moved there.

How did I find these places

My trip to Singapore was short and I wanted to pack as much as I could within a day at Kampong Glam. I couldn’t do it by myself and I needed help! I researched websites and apps to help me find the best places in Kampong Glam. I was inundated with hundreds of suggestions and had no clue where to start. Then I came across LocoMole. It’s an app that is a self-guided tour of must-visit places in Kampong Glam and here is my experience using the app. 

1. You can start from anywhere.

The best part about using this app is, it’s guided to the T. You can start the app from your location and you will be guided to the first trail with the help of maps. It’s all built into the app and there is no need to use multiple apps for this purpose.

2. Your day is planned and they get you prepared.

Before you start on a trail, they give you details such as how long it’ll take, recommended start time, and a suitable day as well. You’ll also know how many kilometres you’re going to cover in your trail and a small sneak peek of what you’re going to experience.

3. History of the Trail

One of the best parts of the guided tour is the history of each location. They describe in detail the happenings of the past of that particular location and give out important facts and tidbits. Instead of just randomly walking to shops, you understand the heritage and the story of the place makes your physical experience much better.

It’s like having a tour guide but without the hassle.

4. Things to Do

Ultimately, it’s about places to visit and things to do and that is plenty available in the LocoMole app. From shopping to admiring the beautiful architecture, the app covers it all.

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