JustFly Wonders If You Should Get A Stopover Buddy

A newly emerging travel trend that’s making waves in the industry is the rise of a stopover buddy. A stopover buddy is requested by travellers through the airline in the hope of experiencing the country they’re stopping in as a local would. This is bold new trend pushes the limits of what the hospitality and tourism industry means for those who travel, and those who welcome people into their home and their country. As a significant game changer in the industry, JustFly reviews exactly what it means to have a stopover buddy made available, just for you!

What is a stopover buddy?

A stopover buddy is someone that customers and travellers request through the airlines to guide them through the city they’re visiting. In some instances, airlines provide stopover buddy requests through their website, filtering participants by interests, hobbies, or themes. Depending on what you, the traveler, would like to do or see, you can find a buddy that’ll show you around town!

Why would you need one?

Having a stopover buddy is a great way to see and experience the things you want to do in the limited time you have while on your stopover. Though some will say that they’re capable of planning and executing their own stopover adventure, no amount of research will prepare you in navigating the city, or knowing which companies to trust while you’re there. Even knowing whether you’re paying premium tourist prices is hard to understand when you’re an outsider looking in.  Rather than trying to figure out the logistics and wasting valuable time, having a stopover buddy will get your activities going in the right direction, bypassing any kind of tourist ‘red tape’ that might interfere and bog you down.

Will it be awkward?

This can be a valid concern for many people thinking of getting a stopover buddy; questions regarding language barriers, compatibility, or not trying to feel like a third wheel can oftentimes make travellers unsure about their decisions to request a buddy guide. But thinking of the buddy as your own personal, tailored tour guide might ease some of those doubts, and besides, it’s only ever awkward if you make it so! Those how participate in a buddy program are those who are passionate about their interests, and want to share the beauty of their country with travellers that come to visit. They are just as excited to having you come, as you are to being there!

What are the benefits and the negatives?

There’s virtually no downside to this kind of emerging tourism that JustFly can see. This is an opportunity for airlines to partner with locals in their destination cities, prompting new kinds of “personal” tourism; one where locals can come and engage with visitors in a meaningful way, and where those traveling don’t feel like outsiders to a country they want to experience. In additional to the personal (or human) touch, visitors can get exactly what they want out of their trip by partnering with people who know exactly what they’re looking for.

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