JustFly Hangs Around Pacific Park On Santa Monica Pier

They don’t call California “The Golden State” for nothing. With endless forests to camp, hike, or trek through, to the star-studded city of Los Angeles, to one of the world’s most pristine pacific coastlines, this state has it all. Besides the fact that California’s development happened during a critical time of the Gold Rush, there’s more to do and see in the state than ever before. As JustFly explores the Santa Monica coastline, one of the must-see stops on this excursion is the Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier.

Spending the day at the Pacific Park in Santa Monica is one of the best ways to have some beachside fun without getting in the water. Located on the iconic Santa Monica pier, the park has called this place home since 1996 and the pier welcomes thousands of visitors a year to its iconic amusement park. The park is free to enter and roam around, but JustFly would like to remind you that there are fees associated with parking, and individual ride tickets must be purchased while in the park. The cost for single-ticket rides range from $4-$8 a ticket, or you can skip the tickets all together and purchase an all-access pass for less than $30 a person. With different rides for visitors of all ages, everyone in the family will find something they can enjoy!

If rides aren’t your thing, Pacific Park has plenty of old-style carnival games to test your skills, and maybe come home with a prize! There are plenty of midway games to play while visiting the park: whether your strengths lie in your wicked-fast Wac-A-Mole reflexes, or you dominate with your bullseye aim at the water races, there are plenty of games to play that’ll make your trip to the Park one to remember.

With all the fun and games of an amusement park, what happens when you hear your stomach growl? No need to worry, Pacific Park has more than enough food options that’ll satisfy your hunger monster with some of the best comfort foods around according to JustFly’s review. Like any amusement park worth its salt, you need to make sure you pack enough of it on the popcorn! The Popcornopolis Cart has a variety of different flavoured popcorns that’ll have you wanting to try them all! Whether you’re into classics like cheddar cheese and butter, or if you’re looking for something sweeter like caramel, your taste buds are sure to be delighted!

Want something with a bit more sustenance? Then why not munch on delicious, traditional American grilled delights at the Beach Burger restaurant. Want something warm a oozing with cheese instead? What’s better than the Pacific Wheel Pizza Company serving up delicious, individual pan pizzas straight from the oven?

Now that you’re fuelled up, see what’s going on at the pier once the sun goes down. The pier is an iconic and cultural hub where many in Santa Monica go to see special events, movie premiers, and much more. Whether there’s a festival going on or a new movie is set to be released, the Pacific Park is sure to be throwing some kind of party! You may want to bring along a longboard to aid you getting around, here are some options for best cheap longboard.

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