JPOT Celebrates National Day With New Chilli Crab Soup Base

JPOT is celebrating National Day with one of Singapore’s iconic dish – The Chilli Crab but in the form of a hotpot soup base across all its restaurants islandwide! The local hotpot specialist, known for its “Hotpot Singapore Style”, will be introducing the Chilli Crab Soup Base ($19.80++) in August, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy chilli crab while dipping all your favourite hotpot ingredients into the yummilicous Chilli Crab soup base. There is no better indulgence for folks who love both their hotpots and chilli crabs!

If you love JUMBO Seafood’s award-winning Chilli Crab, you will be pleasantly surprised at how similar JPOT’s Chilli Crab Soup Base tastes. This sweet-tasting, mildly spicy soup base was inspired by JUMBO’s signature dish and is perfect for bringing out the freshness and flavours of your hotpot seafood ingredients. When you order the soup base, you will be treated to a fun and interactive dining experience, where you will get to see your hotpot literally transform into a delicious chilli crab dish right before your very eyes!

“We wanted to celebrate National Day in a big way, so we decided to introduce one of Singapore’s most iconic dishes as a soup base at JPOT! We first came up with this idea more than a year ago, and the team spent six months researching how to recreate our signature JUMBO Chilli Crab in a soup, so that our customers can enjoy their favourite local dish as a hotpot too. We believe our customers will love having the best of both worlds in one meal,” – Mr Ang Kiam Meng, JUMBO’s Group CEO

Here’s how to get the maximum satisfaction from the Chilli Crab Hotpot. First, you cook the live crab in the soup base for exactly three minutes (use the hourglass timer that comes along with the dish to ensure accuracy). When the soup is ready, you can then proceed to cook your buffet of hotpot ingredients. Allow every morsel to soak up the “shiok” soup base, full of flavour by now, before tucking in.

That’s not all! The real fun part comes after your hotpot meal! A friendly staff will be by your table to assist you in the preparation of the actual Chilli Crab dish. Cornstarch is first poured in, followed by an egg, and the soup base (by now a sauce) is mixed thoroughly till it thickens to the right consistency. After a few minutes, you will have yourself a fragrant chilli crab dish! Pair it with some “Man Tous” from JUMBO Seafood or Crispy Beancurd Skin to enjoy it to the fullest.

National Day Promotions

Chilli Crab Soup Base ($19.80++) Usual Price: $23.80

Consists of Chilli Crab Soup Base, an Egg, Live Crab (300 – 350g) and a small shot glass of Cornstarch

Chilli Crab Set for 2 Pax ($52++) Usual Price: $62.80

The Chilli Crab Set for two will be introduced at a special price of S$52++ as part of JPOT’s National Day celebrations! The set, only available in the month of August(1 – 31 August 2017), comes with Live Crab and JPOT’s signature ingredients such as the Live Prawns, Hand- Made Fish Ball, Fish Paste Tofu and Fried Fish Skin! Guaranteed to please the palate, this is one deal that you will not want to miss out on.

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  1. My mouth is watering! This dish is amazing. I’m gonna try this for sure!


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