A Guide To The Island Paradise – Phuket

Thailand, located in SouthEast Asia, is said to be always crowded with tourists all-round the year. This is because of its scenic beauty, tasty Thai & Asian cuisines and affordable stay. One such place that does witnesses huge rush all the time in Phuket. It is indeed among the most famous tourist spots that one should not miss during the trip. It is a popular island and also the country’s largest. It does offer tourists of all ages with various types of attractions and exciting activities to indulge in. Its beaches are among the most beautiful ones in the country, and the world and several resorts adorn the place. Family, groups and couples do come here to have a gala time and to take back sweet memories with them and share it with their friends. 

Phuket history

People mostly visit Phuket for its mesmerizing beaches, and those eager to get away from the crowd can head across this island to get a glimpse of something new and interesting. There stands Khunying Jan and sister Mook as wonderful bronze statues at Ban Tha Rua, the island’s major crossroads. This statue was created to celebrate their successful and heroic resistance in 1785 against Burmese invasion. Put Jaw and Jui Tai are ornate Chinese Wats in Phuket city that are considered to be a testament to the economic history of this island. For the island, Tin was once regarded to be the main source of wealth and the mines were exploited from the 16th century onwards by the Hakka Chinese entrepreneurs. With dropping prices of tin, pineapple and rubber plantation production was given more emphasis. During the mid-1970s, attention was given towards optimizing tourist inflow to the island.

Island Paradise

On the island’s west coast, between the headlands, are present sandy beaches that fringe the Andaman Sea, while the backdrop provided is that of the not much explored heavily forested mountains. Patong is among the chief beaches here, filled with activities all the time. It is that this place that the touts tout, kathoey ladyboys entertain tourists at the local bars and hawkers hawk. With Phuket being a large island, almost that of Singapore size, the options available here are numerous.

If tourists prefer quieter beaches, then they can head to the island’s northern end to enjoy Hat Mai Khao, considered to be less crowded, relatively unspoiled and also the largest beach here. Rawai Beach, located at the island’s southern corner tip, does offer tourist with some wonderful sunset views.

There are also present national reserves and parks interior of the island along with pineapple and rubber plantations. These surroundings are sure to calm the mind and body and enhance the spirit. There is held every October the 9-day vegetarian festival, which rightly is regarded as a true detox to purify the spirit, mind, and body.


Apart from the myriad of activities and pleasures offered here, tourists can savour the delicious local cuisine. One can be adventurous enough to seek out the local eating houses and try out new savouries. Food served here is not only tasty, but also inexpensive and hygienic. The experienced derived is sufficient to satisfy hunger cravings. Moreover, the quality of meals provided is sure to draw the person again and again to this place.

The whole island is simply magical and can be rightly termed to be a paradise. It does provide rich offerings, which can be so rejuvenating and peaceful. Also are recommended speed boat trips to Phi Phi Island, which does offer a real visual treat.

Destinations to visit from Phuket

Phuket can be stated to be a fabulous destination as it perfect to avail those multi-island boat tours. The boat tours here are made possible on a speedboat or the traditional long-tail boat. It does offer the opportunity to check out the stunning islands, clear waters and other local attractions. Few exciting day trips are as follows from Phuket:

  • Cheow Larn Lake: Travelling about 150 km distance, tourists can reach Khao Sok National Park, which is known for its towering limestone peaks, deep blue lakes, lush green rain forests, and waterfalls. It is a wonderful nature park that is appreciated for its natural beauty and allowing tourists to get involved in various types of adventurous activities like exploring the bat-filled caves, jungle trekking, kayaking in the Sok River, etc. Cheow Larn Lake is an artificial lake which is also an important part of this park. It boasts of having floating raft houses and luxury tented camps. Rainy season can be really wet. Hence, it will be practical for tourists to visit this place between December & April months to enjoy the dry, comfortable weather.
  • Phi Phi Islands: From Phuket, this island is just 50 to 60-minute journey. It is popular for its stunning scenery filled with limestone karst formations and jade-green sea that is mixed with it. But those searching for a secluded place will not be satisfied with this island since day-trippers crowd it in huge numbers. Few sights include May Bay on Koh Phi Phi Ley and Koh Phi Phi Don. The waters here are crystal clear, thus making this island an automatic choice for snorkelling enthusiasts.
  • Racha Islands: This Island attracts day-trippers who are fascinated with its white sands. It is located only 12km away from Phuket and takes about 45 to 60 minutes by boat. Big Racha (Racha Yai) is perhaps the one which gets maximum attention from tourists and is well known for its snorkelling and swimming activities. Siam is a quiet island and a great place for romantic couples and newlyweds.
  • Coral Island: Being close to mainland Phuket and 6km away, it is favoured by most snorkelers and beach lovers. They simply love the coral and white soft sands here. Indulging in snorkelling activities here does allow the opportunity to view different types of tropical fish, like parrotfish, butterfly fish, and trumpet fish.

It will be wise to book in advance the best hotels in Phuket to enjoy the tour.

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