Watching Live TV On Your iPhone & Android Device: The Definitive Guide

In today’s digital era, we do a lot of things on smartphone and tablet devices. In fact, a smartphone became a part of everyone’s life. Watching live tv is becoming easier with the help of a smart device. Most people get confused when it comes to installing a new application to watch live TV. Thankfully, we have a number of such apps with which we can easily stream out live TV channels on our smartphone and tablet devices. 

But before that, you must know the functionality, the advantages and disadvantages of using such apps. Here we have prepared a detailed guide to give you the right information about watching live tv on iPhone and Android device.

The Basics 

When it comes to watching live TV Channels, then you can have numerous options to choose from. Unlike the Android platform, you have many limitations to watch a live TV on an iOS device. Currently, there’s only one way to do so on an iPhone and that is by using the Cable subscription.

However, with increased popularity and demands from the users, iOS too supports many such apps. You can also explore the list of the best free TV streaming sites from where you can watch your favourite TV channels live for free. You can also buy a subscription to explore those channels at affordable price tags which is a very good thing.


There are two different types of categories available for the entertainment seekers out there, the first one is for TV channels and the second one is for movie lovers. If you don’t like to watch TV channels but movies, then you can install dedicated apps which are specially designed for movie lovers.

You can install Popcorn Time, MovieBox, 123Movies and many other apps to your iOS and Android devices. Being an open-source platform, Android supports all the third-party apps easily. So if you are using an Android device, then you will get a few extra apps compared to the iOS device to watch movies and live tv channels.

How to watch Live TV on Android or iPhone? 

The easiest way to watch live TV on a smart device is OTA I.e. Over the Air. You can stream out your favourite TV channels in full HD resolutions over the air. You can check out the availability of such TV channels by searching for it on Google or any other search engine.

Thankfully, there are many resellers available on e-Commerce sites from where you can buy a compatible Over the Air Antenna. You can then connect it to your HDTV. Once you get the antenna and connect it to the HDTV, you can then go for the other services that let you watch all the available TV Channels for free.

There are platforms such as HDHomeRun, Tablo, Simple.TV and many other more. You can buy a subscription or can get the free trial for free from these platforms to test out their functionality.

If you have the subscription of Cable, then you can easily make use of the compatible apps to your Smartphone and can start streaming out TV channels for free on your Android or iOS device.

Eg. If you have subscribed for the HBO channel on your Set-top-box, then you can use the credentials of your Set-top-box to the mobile app to start the streaming of HBO Channel on your Smartphone. It is very easy and you can do it for free without paying extra money.

The list of such supporting apps is uncountable and you can make use of all the TV channels right through your Cable’s subscription plan or the given credentials. You can watch Sports channels, drama channels, movies channels and much more just by installing their compatible apps on a respective Android or iOS devices.

For more information, you can also contact your Cable provider who will guide you to watch things online on your Smartphone. He will also suggest you the list of apps which are compatible with the subscription.

You can download the apps from the Cable company or from the official Google Play Store or AppStore for Android and iOS devices respectively. All the credentials will be given to you by the Cable provider so you can watch all the available local live TV channels and other National and International TV channels for free.

Apart from Live TV Channels, you can also go for some other platforms from where you can get prerecorded original contents. You can stream out movies, TV Shows, music and videos etc. Investors are investing huge money on creating original contents for such platforms which you can start exploring on your Smartphones and Tablets.

You already might know about some of the big names of the industry such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Crackle, Comedy Central, Tubi TV etc. You will get a huge list of such platform to explore the prerecorded and original content. Original Contents available on such platforms can’t be found on any other platforms.

Many of these online streaming platforms are there for free and you can get them to explore for free without any subscription fees. However, to explore more of the original contents, you will have to buy the subscription plan. You can get a suitable and affordable plan from your favourite platform and can start streaming out your favourite movies, TV Shows etc. on a smartphone.

Final Words: 

We hope that the above guide helped you to know about the different ways of watching live TV on Android and iPhone devices. As mentioned in the article, the easiest way to watch live TV channel is with the Cable Subscription.

Most families have an active subscription of TV Cable and you can make use of the same credentials to watch those channels live on your smartphone. You can also make use of other platforms and applications which also offer live TV channel streaming at affordable prices. Explore them well and go for the one which suits your needs. 

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