Tips To Help You Use Instagram Ad Platform More Effectively

Getting more Instagram likes and followers seem to be the interest of every business, but you need to realize the importance of providing your audience with quality content first. If you can create good posts, you will eventually build a good fan base. However, if the business promotion is your goal, you should always try to take advantage of new Instagram features. Instagram now has a new ad platform that you can make use of to increase the number of customers. While the standard (paid) Instagram ad platform is in effect since 2013, it has now become more sophisticated and available to a large majority of Instagram users.

To get good results, you need to understand how to use three different types of ads in your interest. For instance, you can use images to tell a story. You can try a video Instagram ad – you will be asked to keep your ad under 30 seconds. And of course, you can use carousel ads to gain more publicity. Whatever the method used, be sure to keep the following points in mind to take advantage of this new Instagram ad platform.

Place CTA On Your Instagram Ad

Instagram is a great way to showcase your photos and content. But, there is no way you can directly make your user go to your website to check out more options if they want to. This is not something great as the conversion is one of the key aspects of online marketing. The ultimate goal of showcasing information is to get users to use your products or services.

Like already said, in Instagram, you can’t place a CTA (call to action) on your post directly. This makes a collection of traffic and conversion data a bit difficult. You can only place a link in your bio for sending traffic to a lead-collecting campaign.

A better way to gain ground on Instagram marketing is to use as efficiently. Ads allow you to place CTAs on all the ad types offered by Instagram. When the user clicks on the link, he is directly taken to your website or wherever the link needs to take the user. This will lead to direct engagements with users. Instagram provides four options for this – Learn More, Sign up, Install now & Shop now. A click on each of these will result in redirecting the user to the new browser page or the mobile app, whichever appropriate and the transition is seamless.

Further, Instagram ads are completely flexible. You can place your ad in the end, and show some nice pictures in the beginning unlike Facebook, where users see ad first. For example, you can show some cool pictures about a great place for vacation. In the end, the user can click on “Learn more,” if they wish to, which would lead them to the relevant page. This provides a good experience to the user and avoids them being frustrated by irrelevant ad links!

Accumulate Instagram Ad Statistical Information

Just like Facebook, Instagram follows algorithms which can target users not just based on their sex, location, age group but also based on their likes, interests, recent purchases, follow and so on. This does make your job of searching for your target audience easier. You need to customize your advertisement and deliver it to the audience that suits your business needs!

Also, if your ads get good engagements, it will automatically be prioritized by Instagram – this will make more people engage, reduce the negative response from people and keep spam away. All the analytical and statistical data is available in detail – for you to know what strategies are working and which ones are not, what you should be changing, how much you should advertise and how much you should spend on advertising etc.

These features are similar to those in Facebook. While Facebook has established itself in the last few years, Instagram is still new and budding, and can be used well for generating great business opportunities! Even though FB has five times more users than IG, statistics show that engagements in IG are 58 times more compared to FB. Since the Instagram ad is relatively new in the market, it’s a great way to advertise your product. So, keep all these points in mind to get good results.

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