Instagram Wishes To Tie The Knot Of Influencers And Brand

With the increase in demand and the spotlight right on the influencers, Instagram is getting involved through and through in the industry that it gave shape and colour to. More and more influencers are actively coming forward to join campaigns and fetch popularity through various websites that are allowing them to buy likes on Instagram at great deals. Quite recently, the popular visual app is keeping a tool under scrutiny to help the brands find their right influencers or ‘creator’ as Instagram has labelled it as.

Coined as the Brand Collabs Manager, this particular tool is been used in random by Facebook, Instagram’s parent company ever since 2018.

What Role Does the Instagram Tools Play Here?

It is through the tools of Instagram, the influencer’s search is designed specifically to targeting ads: brands can generalize the audience it wishes to work and deal with, including the age, gender, country, number of interests and followers.

During the campaigns of the influencers, Instagram would be sharing the metrics for the performances besides offering the brands the choice to promote the content of the influencer in the feed and make it look like an ad.

The Various New Tools Introduced in Instagram

The tool is the latest play of Instagram to take up an active role in the massive influencer marketing economy of $8 billion which shall cross $22 billion by the end of 2022 as per expectations and has it’s back for various reputable third-party agencies of influencer marketing.

This year itself, Instagram is set to have brought forth “Checkout on Instagram”, which enables the users to complete the payment sans leaving the app.

The “Shop from Creators”, enables the influencers to be able to tag the shoppable products.

The “Shopping” tab in the Explore page helps you to explore all the items on sale on Instagram.

Thanks to Brand Collabs Manager, Instagram now has better dominance over the happening activities in its platform: 78% of the Marketers from the US recommended Instagram and called it the most-efficient channel for influencer marketing whereas 73% believed in the power of Instagram stories.

The Best Platform for Influencers

Brand Collabs Manager is now playing the role of a matchmaker by allowing the brands to find their way to the accounts of the influencer. The brands can see themselves that which influencers match the criteria of creator search or audience besides the count of followers, category of content, and the description of influencers. The brands can then connect with the potential influencers or invite the ones that fit in the criteria zone. The tool is said to take off with some 40 Instagram influencers from the US who were selected by Instagram, based on past use of the branded content tag.

What Happens When Influencers and Brands Starts to Work Together?

Once both the influencer and the brand started working side by side, the Brand Collabs Manager comes forward to offer briefings on the sponsored posts. The brands can also hire Instagram to promote the content of the influencers as advertisements.

With more and more influencers coming forward, there is an increase in the urge to buy real Instagram followers which is possible.

With all of these said, Instagram is still on the verge of learning the importance of each insight and which of them are crucial for brands and creators when people set out to invest in a branded item that an influencer might have tagged in his post. Influencers and the brands they tag would be seeing the shopping and engagement insights in a post that shall include the number of viewers and clicks on every product besides the total impressions.

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