What Should You Wear During These Indian Festivals?

The Holi festival, also known as the festival of lights, is a famous festival in India. Holi people make bonfires where they sing and dance around. It represents the victory good has over evil.  The most festive attraction for most is when people apply multiple colours on the day of Holi. 

How to look stylish on Holi

Everyone knows to wear bright colours for Holi. Pick a yellow, red, orange, green attire to make this festival bright. Pair a bright, waist length kurta with a pair of jeans for a trendy indo-western look. Try to style your outfit as comfortable as you can, especially those attending the bonfire. Outfits that go with pants are best suited for this festival. A midi-sized tulip kurti form Stylecaret will go well with a pair of colourful leggings for this festival. Pick a material that will keep your cool throughout the day. For a more ethnic look, you can pair a bright kurti with a floral or printed skirt and a pair of traditional sandals.

Diwali festival

Diwali is the grand festival of lights. It is prominent and celebrated with a lot of show. Houses are decorated using clay lamps, candles and ashok leaves. People wear new clothes participate in family puja and share sweets with neighbours friends and family.

Dress code

You can wear a double layer tunic or an embroidered kurti.  In case you are spending Diwali with your friends, no need for the hustle, just wears a pair of cigarette pants with your favourite double layered kurti. A maxi embroidered skirt with a choli is also respectable for this celebration. Do light make up and put on a pair of fancy earrings for the complete traditional look. Remember to wear comfortable shoes if you are travelling to meet relatives. Men can wear embroidered silk kurta pyjama for this festival.

The Bihu festival

This celebration involves laughter, dancing and music. It is popular in the northeast part of India.

Harvest is celebrated by wearing traditional clothes and performing the Bihu dance.

How to look good in the Bihu festivals

The Bihu festivals have always been celebrated in traditional clothing.

For a stylish yet traditional look, wear a chaddar top with a mekhala or lehenga skirt. Decorate your body and hair with jewellery and flowers to look more traditional. Men look good in a Dhoti and headband. Make your look colourful and vibrant to celebrate this festival


Navratri is a festival celebrating 9 days of fasting faith and devotion. It is celebrated all over India but in different ways. The common thing between people during this celebration is the beautiful, bright coloured traditional clothes and accessories. It’s a celebration of power in 9 forms

What you should wear during Navratri

For this 9 – day long festival, you should do a different colour for each day. Avoid dark coloured clothes. For a traditional look, you can go with a neon-coloured saree, a bright bindi and a pair of traditional sandals. Bring out a bright embroidered salwar kameez for the first day of the festival. Dressing traditional for 9 days in a row can be costly and impossible; therefore you can mix and match your outfits to create new ones.

The Krishna Janmashtami festival

It is a celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna, the mighty and mischievous. People visit temples, pray, dance and sing. This is a festival to celebrate with traditional Indian attire

How to dress

During this festival, children wear the disguise of the lord Krishna. Mix and match colours of the lehenga choli. The lehenga choli represents the oneness in the diverse cultures of India that celebrate this festive Holiday. The salwar kameez with print, embroideries, and several designs is perfect to create an impression during dancing. For the temple, wear a saree to look elegant and feel comfortable at the same time.  Sherwani is the ideal men’s choice for a traditional choice at this festival. The kurta pyjama is traditional but elegant and blends easily with the festival at the temple.


Christians in India celebrate Easter with rituals and tradition. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Chris. There are decorations dances and plays during this festival.

What to wear for Easter

Choose a bright outfit with a floral design. Pastel shades look good on wear. Look of saree made of chiffon or silk with bright floral prints. Accessorise with light jewellery and traditional footwear.


The Onam festival is all about welcoming the mighty mahabali.  It’s an important festival where people wear traditional outfits, decorate their houses with floral designs and prepare large meals. The festival lasts for 10 days

How to dress on Onam festival

Considering how long the festival lasts, you will need to have different attire closet-ready.  It is advisable to wear saree on the first day of the festival; it is bright to signify joy and happiness. Wear a bright kurti ensemble paired with bright trousers of a bright lehenga on the next day. Mix and match your outfits to create perfect attire for the rest of the celebrations

The Raksha Bandhan festival

It is another famous festival celebrated among the Hindu. This festival signifies a bond between brother and sister. The sister performs a prayer and the brother vows to protect his sister

How to dress during Raksha Bandhan

Wear a normal or Patiala salwar kameez for this festival. The saree goes well with almost every festival in India. You can go for a traditional look and choose a chanderi or kanchipuram saree. Anarkali suit is elegant and will give you a royal look during the festival

Eid Ul Fitr

Eid is a major festival in India celebrated by the Muslims. During Eid, people attend prayers, visit friends and give out sweets.  It celebrates the end of the holy month of fasting

What to wear for id

It is common to see the sharara paired with jewellery for this festival. The Sharara is traditional but not compulsory. You can pair a choli or a waist length kurti with long sleeves and a lehenga for a more modern look on Eid. Hair must remain covered during this festival.

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