Incredible Yachting Toys – The Seabob Underwater Scooter

In recent years, Seabobs have become one of the must-have water toys for superyachts. Lightweight, compact, and awesome fun, the Seabob is the perfect accessory for a superyacht vacation.

The world’s fastest underwater scooter, the German-built Seabob is designed to either allow you to glide and manoeuvre under water like a dolphin, or cruise at speeds of up to 22kms across the surface. You can also use the Seabob to scuba dive to depths of 40m, meaning you can cover more territory on your dives and concentrate fully on the glimmering underwater world around you.

Some call the Seabob experience like riding an underwater jetski or scooter, others liken it to James Bond’s famous underwater jet in Thunderball. With a Seabob, you can power across the water at up to 22km/hr, or under the water at up to 20km, diving and weaving through the water as you go. But it’s not all about speed: with 10 gears on the handlebars, you can take things at your own pace, slowing down to watch a sea turtle nibbling at the waving sea grass, or look back up through the water to see your yacht anchored above, casting its dark shadow on the white sandy seabed below.

The Seabob is incredibly simple to drive. You just wrap your hands around the handlebars, and when you want to change direction, you just lean in the direction you wish to go. The Seabob also has a computer panel showing speed, depth, and battery life. As of summer 2017, many superyachts will be carrying the latest Seabob model, the F5 SR model, which generates an amazing 750 neutrons of thrust, has 2 side fins to increase manoeuvrability, and carries 2 HD cameras to record your underwater flight.

Seabobs have a battery life of between 50 and 70 minutes depending on the model, which is plenty of time to explore that outer reef or scoot into that desert island beach. The Seabob works by sucking water into the motor via an impellor, before shooting it out in a central jet channel under high pressure. They’re emissions free and almost silent underwater, so you can just relax and enjoy the scenery of the underwater world.

This summer, charter a luxury yacht with a Seabob such as the 165′ charter yacht BROADWATER, and streak through sunlit waters over coral reefs and green sea grasses, launch off underwater cliffs and dive below schools of tropical fish. Dive deep to explore shipwrecks, or head back up to the surface to fly across the waves, tracing big circles around your yacht or exploring the coastline of tropical islands. Whether the surface, the shallows or the deeps, experience the grace and agility of a Seabob as you power through clear turquoise seas.

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