Five Smart Ways To Create An Impressive Travel Blog

When you do what you love and you wish to share all your impressions with the world, starting a travel blog is a good idea. You will describe your personal experience, your emotions and you will guide your readers along with your route. The first thing that we recommend doing is scanning the ultimate narrative essay writing guide. You will learn how to make your text eye-catching and appealing. And we’ll tell you about the five ways to create an impressive travel blog.  

Know your audience

If you know at least something about the people that will read your posts, you will find the right words to make your text stand out. For example, if your readers are people over 50, you will probably write about some kinds of entertainment that will interest them. If you have a few thousands of readers, divide them into groups. Divide all your posts to meet the expectations of each group.

To find out some basic information about your readers, you can visit their profiles on social networks. Or you can make a post where you will ask them to write about themselves. Or you can view the comments to the posts that you already have. If you don’t have any chance to make such an analysis, start posting what you like and watch the reactions. 

Use all communication channels

You can have your own website, profiles in social networks and transfer all the information vial all available communication channels. Some people prefer reading. You will make long informative posts for them. Some people love watching. You will make some videos in high quality for them. Some people love perceiving information through feelings and emotions. You will add emotional colourings to all the posts to make them impressed.

It’s absolutely okay if you upload a video and a long text separately and you will get completely different feedbacks. You cannot make everyone love your posts, so just analyze the behaviour of your audience and leave only those communication channels that give you the maximum recoil. If you see that you succeed in social networks, it’s just fine. If not, focus on what matters. 

Get in touch with your readers

If you get new comments, it’s good to answer them to have a real-time communication with people. You can even stream a video where you will answer questions of the people. Or you can make a post where you will answer the most common questions. Think how you can directly talk with them. You can also use private messages or some close groups in Viber or Facebook.

You can organize live meetings in the locations that you visit. Or you can select the readers from various places and become their guest. There are so many variants, but you should choose the one that will be the most comfortable for you.

Provide some value

Here we mean that your readers should find out something great from your stories. Here are a few examples of the value that you can give to your readers:

  • Tips on how to get somewhere;
  • Tips on where to stay and what to eat;
  • Tips on how to have fun;
  • Tips on how to communicate with locals.

You can complete this list with anything that will be interesting for your audience. Of course, you can write about anything you want, but providing some value for the readers will make your blog stand out. People will share your information and you will get a much greater reach.

Stay on the bright side

If you motivate people and you inspire them, they will follow you and read all your posts. We recommend you make the most of your blog posts about some positive things. Of course, it’s impossible to always stay on the bright side, but it’s better not to overcome 20% of the total number of your posts with the negative or neutral topics. Your travel blog can become a food for hungry people.

We recommend you to take photos of a sunny weather and use HDR for shooting in the dark. You will get a high quality of the photos and the videos. It’s good to shoot when you’re in your best mood to show your audience your emotions.

What’s more to do?

If you are only at the beginning of your way and you doubt where to start, just begin doing anything. With no firm purposes. You will draw all your goals in the process. If you have your audience and you wish to increase the number of your followers, take a look at the so-called competitors. What do other people do to attract more and more readers and followers? It’s absolutely normal to repeat someone else’s experience. So you can start right away.

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