How To Create Perfect Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest Posts

When creating a post update on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest, most people wouldn’t think it matters how a tweet or posts is written or even when they post it. If you want to maximise the number of eyeballs that view your post then it is very important to choose what and how you post.

While the masses are focused on sharing interesting, funny, thought provoking or controversial status updates, it is easy to miss an important factor and that is how the post actually look on the respective social channel. People behave differently on different social channels. For example, twitter is mostly used as a media to source for real time information in a short and sweet format while users on Pinterest are browsing through images for ideas or inspirations relating to the topics they are interested in.

This detailed infographic from Mycleveragency has mapped out what you should be putting in your posts for each social network and when to post it. Following these instructions won’t automatically make people interact with the post but it should get more people to read your posts and hopefully improve the number of people following you on social channels.

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How To Create The Perfect Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest Post

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  1. U good, people will read and retweet. dun need to try so hard

  2. GaraldOng

    Too much work for causal users like us but nice visuals.

  3. Great tips for rookie social media peeps like me. Where do you get all these infographics?


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