Tips On Preparing Your Hong Kong Holiday

Are you planning to explore more in Asia? If so, Hong Kong is one of the most popular places to visit. It offers a combination of the complicated, busy life in the city and the beautiful natural sceneries from the sea and its neighbouring islands. Before you book your trip to this new country, you have to be prepared so that you can enjoy this holiday experience fully. From their basic facts about the country to the basic etiquette for Hong Kong tourists, below is a list of tips that will help you in your visit.

Tips On How And What To Prepare For Your Hong Kong Trip

1. Know The Basics

Hong Kong was ruled by the British Empire from 1841 to 1997 before they were handed over to China. The country is considered to be a “special” region of China, so it still has its constitution and currency. People of Hong Kong are very proud of their heritage.

The official language of Hong Kong is Cantonese and English. It is vital that you speak to them in English and not Mandarin. If you want to greet people in their common tongue, you can use the phrase “Joh sun,” which means Good Morning.

2. Research On How To Get Around

It would be good to know that public transport in Hong Kong is efficient, clean, and, most of all, very affordable. If you are not going to book for packaged tours, you can smoothly go around the city and visit its tourist spots. You should get an Octopus card since it can be used on all public vehicles. It is available in convenience stores and coffee shops.

3. What You Need To Pack

Many people may not know that Hong Kong has four seasons. Hong Kong can be humid and scorching in the summers and chilly by the winter season. To prepare for the best holiday in the city, you have to know what to wear to be comfortable with the weather.

You should consider the months that you will be visiting the place. Many would recommend visiting the country between March and early June for the first part of the year, and September to November when you plan to go to the latter part of the year. You will also do a lot of walking around the city and its tourist spots on different islands. Make sure that you bring and wear comfortable footwear so that you can enjoy hiking and walk around the places.

4. What You Can And Can’t Do

Since you are visiting another country, it is crucial that you know basic laws and etiquette so that you won’t have trouble with the police or with any of the locals. Here are the basic Do’s when you are in Hong Kong:

    • You can take pictures of everything. Hong Kong is a beautiful country, and no laws are restricting the tourists to take photos of the place and what it can offer.
    • Always take the Airport Express train when you are leaving the airport going to the town. It is just a short 24-minute trip to the center of the city.
    • If you like to cross the harbor, make a wave motion with your hand to signal the cab driver. Cross-harbor cabs would usually have a white cover over their lights.
    • You can pay with your Visa or Mastercard card to most of the places in the country. There are also places that accept American Express.
    • If you are using chopsticks when eating, do not stick your chopsticks vertically in your bowl of rice. This is not a good sign in Hong Kong as it is associated with death or funerals.
    • Leaving a tip is not necessarily done in Hong Kong as all of their services already have a 10% service charge included in the price.
    • Taxis are required only to stop at designated places or on single yellow line tracks. Avoid hailing cabs in non-designated places.

5. Prepare Your Tummy For Their Signature Dim Sum

Your Hong Kong experience won’t be complete if you do not learn what the best foods to eat in the country are. If you have allergies and other food sensitivities, you should research where you can safely consume. Chinese food is meant for sharing. If you are traveling alone, you also might want to study on their typical food portions before you decide to order. There is a lot of information and reviews available online to give you an idea about where to go, whether you are with friends or alone.


Hong Kong is one of the most exciting places to visit in Asia. The country offers a wide range of activities and scenery, make sure that you prepare everything you need during your travel. If you are traveling from the US or looking for flights from Singapore or other parts of Asia, there are also available deals online. Doing the research and reading reviews online is the best way to prepare for your holiday and ensure that you will get the best experience possible.

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