Latest Home Decor Trends 2018 For Singapore Homes

Home is where the heart is. This is true for most people. Home gives us that familiar comfort, a place where we can be ourselves. A home is a place for expression, to create your own tiny world and live in it. The best way to be expressive is through home decorations and furniture. The home decor market is big with a lot of ideas floating around, so if you want to know the best trends for 2018. You are in the right place. If you are planning to decorate your home by yourself, you can see how to do DIY home improvements in The Tooly.


1. Curvy Design

For a long time, squares and rectangles have played a massive role in interior design and decorations. Those were the obvious shapes early on because cutting tools weren’t capable of any other shapes. But these days you find curvy shapes everywhere.

The trend for 2018 is curvy couches and tables that take away the rigidity of squares and rectangles. The best part about curvy design is, it immediately adds character to a room even with simple furniture. An example of a curvy table designed by Wood Capitol for a Singapore house.

2. Tropical Prints

Tropical prints are green forest like prints. These prints can be anywhere, from cushions to wallpapers to even bathroom tiles. A popular print is the pineapple print and that is currently in trend. They give a natural look to the house and give the experience of nature within the home. Below is an example of a tropical print.

Tropical prints go hand in hand with large plants in the house distributed across the home. I mean who doesn’t like plants? Getting suitable furniture for tropical prints is fairly easy. Stools like the one below that don’t give the “ manufactured “ look are the perfect pairing for a tropical print.

3. The Raw Wood Look

Don’t know if Game of Thrones has a role to play, but the raw wood look is gaining prominence. The raw wood look is basically furniture that isn’t too polished or well done. This is more of a rugged look, that gives a quaint look to your home.

4. Bold Colored Walls

White walls have been popular for a long time. There have been coloured walls as well which have generally been pastel. But now, bold colours have taken over like dark grey and even the colourful ones like rose-gold are bolder instead of being light. Bold colours are also easy to match for. If you have a bold coloured wall, you just need contrasting furniture that stands out against that particular colour.

5. Ceiling Wallpapers

Generally, wallpapers have been used on walls to make it interesting. But in 2018, they’ve been used in ceilings. A ceiling wallpaper with plain walls is capturing the hearts of many homeowners.

6. Wabi-Sabi

The Wabi-Sabi style is basically a Japanese style to make things with imperfections that reflect the reality of the world. Nobody is perfect and embracing that is what wabi-sabi is about. This style has taken the new meaning to interior decoration not only because of the inner meaning, but also the simplicity of the products. Wabi Sabi designs are generally minimalist and for a home that has minimal furnishings, it’s a perfect companion for your porch.

Home decor keeps changing. You don’t have to change your entire house just because of the trend changes. Buying a small table or a lamp with a different style can make a big difference. ” What are you adding to your house this year?

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