Holiday Destinations In Australia For Singaporeans

We Singaporeans can’t get enough of Australia. There are many of us studying in Australia, and thousands of us want to travel. They consider Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to visit and enjoy, but in actuality, there are many more holiday destinations there than Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. There are a lot more places to add to your to-visit list, but before you read about these destinations, you have to learn what things you need to travel to Australia.

Things You Required

Without having a valid visa, one cannot move to Australia. In 1996, Australia had started the electronic visa program. This visa is available to many nationalities, including Singaporean, and this allows you to stay for ninety days.

Today different companies are providing Australian VISA for Singaporean. One can even apply online as it has made things a lot simpler and easier for Singaporeans. For this, you have to provide a valid passport and other documents.

Destinations to Add to Your to- visit List

1. Adelaide

Adelaide capital city of South Australia and a place for wine lovers. It is just an hour’s drive away from the Barossa Valley. This city is also known as a culinary city because of its location near to the best winegrowers and food producers. You will only have to spend a little more on air tickets from Singapore to this city than you would to Sydney or Melbourne. However, you can also combine your trip to Adelaide with Melbourne by taking a train or internal flight.

2. Perth

Australia’s fourth-largest city with the hipster cafes and all shops a Singaporean could wish for. Other than that, this city is also home to a gorgeous riverfront, nice beaches, excellent wineries, and beautiful parks. It is also a short distance from Rottnest Island and Fremantle. And above all, it is only a five-hour flight from Singapore, with tickets often available for under $350.

3. Darwin

Most Singaporeans tend not to visit this place much, but it is actually one of the closest cities to us, at just four and a half hours by the plan. Darwin City also is known for being the gateway to the Northern Territory, and day trips can be arranged to the fantastic Katherine River and Kakadu National Park.

4. Canberra

Everyone scoffs at Australia’s capital without actually being there. Well, Canberra is not actually as boring as everyone says. Canberra was built with many gardens, nice parks, and bushwalking spots, as well as museums, including the National Museum of Australia, which is free to enter.

5. Gold Coast

If you are a fun lover, the Gold Coast would be perfect for visiting. It is famous for surfing, nightclubs, and rollercoasters. It attracts millions of tourists every year. It is surrounded by mangroves and rainforest and also known for its natural beauty.

5. Brisbane

You can say that it is the popular tourist destination in Australia and the third-largest city after Melbourne and Sydney. Due to its fantastic climate, you would have many outdoor activities, including climbing, biking, hiking, and many more.

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