How To Prepare For A Happy Hiking With Your Dog

It’s time to take your dog out for exercise. In the world of dogs, they feel that it is a kind of fun and a wonderful journey to explore the world. When dogs need to walk and need a variety of exercise, it is actually good for you and the dog, since it will make both of your life healthy and happy. 

Hiking is a great way to get in touch with nature and broaden your body and mind. Obviously, the dog’s natural instinct will attract them to the surrounding nature. If your dog is very energetic, it is a good choice to take it to the mountain. It can not only consume the dog’s energy but also make the dog calcium. When climbing a mountain, one must remember to help the dog to supplement drinking water to avoid heatstroke. The other is to adjust the route according to the dog’s condition. For example, if the dog is already panting, then let the dog rest and decide whether to continue.

Before taking dogs to hike, make sure your dogs are healthy. For example, do you and the dog have heart health, arthritis, or weight control problem? Taking your dogs for several short-distance walking before taking the real trip is also essential.

How to keep track of your dog when being outside in the wild?

It is important to keep your dog from getting lost in the woods or mountain, especially when there’s no cellular service.  A GPS tracking device without cell service might help in a reliable way. Combined with the tracking App, it can set up a safe zone, with which you will be alerted if your dog steps out of the safe zone by itself.

What hiking gears for dogs should you pack?

Bring some suitable gears, such as booties, brushes, hiking bags, first aid kits, etc. For your dog’s feet, the terrain can be a big challenge, so you need to consider giving them the right shoes. However, the truth is that most of them always hate boots, so they need to adapt them to the boots at home, which will help them adapt to the boots. In addition, climate change will inevitably lead to a large number of hair removals in dogs, and the brush can be used to better clean the dog. Bring a hiking bag for easy carrying of food and water. In addition, pets also have their own medical needs, so it is necessary to bring a pet first aid kit to the dog during the trip.

The following infographic gives you more tips on hiking with your dog, which covers the most important parts you should take into consideration. Take a look.

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