Hells Gate National Park – Kenya, Africa

The Hell’s gate National Park is situated around 110km from Nairobi near Lake Naivasha. It covers an area of about 60 square km and is a savannah ecosystem, having wooded grasslands and hosting lots of wild animals and birds. Its magnificent scenery has made it become the venue for shooting various Hollywood films in recent years.

It is a traditional nesting place for eagles and other raptors. Birds that can be found here include vultures, buzzards and swifts. You can find these large birds of prey in their nests that hang on cliffs. It is named after its narrow gorges and cliffs, one of which leads to hot springs, where at some point you, may find rocks that can burn you. The park is ideal for lots of activities, including, hiking, camping, rock climbing, bird watching, photo taking, game viewing, as well as other fun activities such as biking in the wild, wheel barrow racing, picnicking and among others.

The area is well known as a rock climbing hub. There is the Fischer’s Tower, named after one of the explorers who first saw it. The tower rises about 25m from the floor of the valley and is surrounded by cliffs on the valley’s edges. Beginning and experienced rock climbers find this a fine place to do their thing. It is however necessary that you be accompanied by a competent rock climber instructor, for your safety. Another fabulous feature in the park is the Ol Njorowa gorge. It measures about 14km in length and has sharp cliffs and hot water springs that feed a stream on its floor.

The area around is inhabited the Masai community and hence you can interact with them presenting the opportunity to watch them and understand their traditional culture. They wear colorful and checked clothing, and lots of beaded ornaments. They also perform their traditional songs and dances.

There are lots of bikes for hire near the park. Most visitors love to cycle around the park where they come across giraffes, zebras and antelopes, in addition to enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Also, most corporate team building events take place here. Such include wheel barrow racing which are organized regularly. In addition to park fees, participants pay a registration fee. Spectators only pay the park fee. The course stretches a distance of 7km. The winning team carry’s home some cash prize.

For accommodation, one can camp at the Manyatta campsite or the Olkaria campsite. The tents are well furnished and can have double beds. Meals are also provided. Hell’s gate national park remains one of the best and most adventurous holiday destination spot.

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