Pizza Can Be a Healthy Diet Option

Many diets make you forced to eat frozen meals and unflavored pastries that are just the ghosts of their full-flavoured counterparts. Why does the American public believe that when you’re on a diet, you must sacrifice the taste to stay fit and healthy? You may be surprised to find that much of what you’re eating is not on the “naughty” list and that you need to cut portions and add exercises. 

Pizza is one of the foods that are often “abandoned” when someone is dieting. Of course, it’s loaded with cheese and sauce, and the whole base is bread. However, every part of a Lebanese inspired freshly bakes pizzas and wraps is made up of much-needed components of a balanced diet. The crust is not wrong, especially if you choose whole wheat or thin crust style. Even if you cannot change the coat after ordering, you do not have to eat it all. Toppings do not have to sabotage your healthy eating goals; in fact, they can support those goals! Choose leaner meats (chicken, ham) and lots of vegetables, and you’ll have a very satisfying meal at your favourite pizzeria.

Lebanese inspired freshly bakes pizzas and wraps are a great meal

Leftovers make great lunches the next day (or breakfast for some) and can help remove cravings for “one more slice” while you’re in the restaurant. Pack a slice or two to take home, and your desire will probably disappear. Often, desires arise when you think you’re being deprived. Planning and knowing that you will be able to have a favourite the next day can be an excellent way to prevent the next “refrigerator attack” from being excessive.

You’ll be amazed at how many of your favourite foods do not need to abandon in the name of “healthy eating.” If you’re eating healthy foods that are rich in nutrients and taste, you may need to watch the size of your portions and stop snacking between meals. Also, avoid foods that have little or no nutritional value because they are empty calories that will do nothing to quench your hunger.

Take a look at your pantry and cabinets and make an inventory of the meal possibilities you have. Create a menu, making sure to include some of your favourites. If you need to modify the meal a bit to suit your new routine, do so, but remember that diet is a process, not an instant realization. You may want to exchange your regular soda for a menu or switch to a higher-fibre bread. Torturing yourself with “forbidden foods” only puts you to disappointment and failure.


Instead of barring certain foods from your diet (provided they are whole foods and not junk food), try eating until you are satisfied and wait twenty minutes. If you still feel hungry, drink some water and see how you feel. You may find that dieting is easier than you thought, and you can even eat Lebanese inspired freshly bakes pizzas and wraps with your friends this weekend.

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