How To Celebrate Halloween Like A Local In Japan

How does Japan celebrate Halloween? The festival is still considered a young tradition for this country as Japanese people only started to celebrate this holiday a few years ago.  Halloween in different countries may differ in some little things, that’s why we are sharing how the locals celebrate Halloween in Japan. The west art deco of Halloween is becoming more popular in Japan. And almost every little town takes part in a celebration. However, if you wish to see an incredible show, you must visit Tokyo Japan Halloween.

Japanese people adore festive holidays or festivals which are called here Matsuri, and they are open to accepting other’s cultures traditions with open hearts, whether it is The Saint Valentine’s Day or Halloween. The festival started seeping in from spots which were close to military bases or Tokyo districts – with a high concentration of foreign citizens. Today it became a nationwide celebration. In every “combini” (a special name for Japanese shops which means “a cosy shop”), you may find the candies with corresponding to certain theme design and colourful parades are held all over the country.

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Kawasaki demonstration

Kawasaki city is a host of one of the most famous carnival parade in Japan. More than 3000 people take part in this demonstration. Every year hundreds of young people arrive here in incredibly creative and original costumes to show themselves. The main theme of such “Matsuri” cosplay can be modified from year to year. It can be the Star War’s or Marvel’s lines – this is discussed by the participants beforehand. If you need more information on related themes, you may check this professional writing website where you can pay for essays online.

Japanese festival O-bon

It is believed that Japanese fest O-bon is similar to a western tradition of Halloween. They have a lot in common, but there some important distinctions. O-Bon or simply Bon is a Buddhist custom to honour the spirits of dead relatives and friends. During the celebration, people return to the graves of ancestors to clean them. The Japanese believe that being funny and glad during this fest which lasted for three days may help their lovely gone souls suffer less. It is not used to wear costumes, except for different traditional dress called kimono or yukata, prepare something special for dinner and give themselves to O-bon Dance – the dance of joy. In addition to all this the known “Japanese spirit stories” are re-told exactly during this period.

 “Treat or trick” tradition

A ritual to chase for candies in the eve of 31st October is not very widespread in Japan. In this country, people are mostly focused on costumed parties what helps to enter the Halloween spirit. Such as sportive costumed race in a city Tiba or active gathering of the apples harvest in Hirosaki.

“Pumpkin” attribute

The same is in America or Europe – a pumpkin is an indispensable attribute in Japan. In Kitayama, Kyoto the celebration is accompanied by an exhibition of lanterns cut out from it.

Japanese version of Halloween

As the Japanese people start more actively wearing costumes during this autumn holiday, one more tradition birthed from this custom is worth to be mentioned. This is a tendency which is very popular between youth to put on historical plays called “Kosupure” (the same for Japanese masquerades).

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A lot of young people wear colourful costumes of various anime/cinema characters: kimonos, ninja or samurai robes, etc. And this is very similar to Halloween tradition – the faces are drawn or made up, different hairstyles which may help to be a little bit more like their heroes.

Returning to Halloween, here, in the country of rising sun, their traditions have already appeared. As an example – these historical plays on any theme connected to this autumn event. These performances look interesting and may dazzle their spectators.

Japan is a country of experts of art deco who participate in various fashion shows. If you ever participate in a celebration of this holiday – you’ll never forget unique atmosphere this country may create!

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