Beautiful Lake Constance (Bodensee) in Germany

Travelling is one of the best things, which a person can have in his lifetime. To enjoy seeing different places, interesting cultures and people from various parts of the world is not an ordinary experience.

A few years back, I had the opportunity to travel to a very beautiful place in Germany. Well, I was working on a certain project at that time in Asia. I took a flight from Singapore bound to Zurich, Switzerland. During the flight, the view of Zurich was just spectacular – lush greens all over. The sight resembled what we usually see in travel books. It was breathtakingly magnificent!

I was met at the Zurich airport by work counterparts and was driven from Zurich and we crossed the border to Konstanz, Germany. The scenery during the drive was spectacular and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Konstanz is located at the western end of Lake Constance. Lake Constance is in the southwestern part of Germany, bordering Zurich, Switzerland. The part where I stayed for the duration of my trip to Germany offered scenery that made me appreciate life. It was devoid of pressure and unfamiliarly quiet but uplifting. It was different from the buzz of a frenzied life back in Asia. It was a welcome change of pace.

The houses along the lakeside were very beautiful as well. I was told that these houses (fronting the lake) were of higher value than the houses far from the lake. Well, since these houses had the poster-perfect view and quality, the price was justified! The lake was calm and we saw many people watching people traversing the lake from their homes. Most of these people waved at us (on the boat) as if we were acquaintances. That was a delightful experience, which one can’t have in the US. The warmth of the people around Lake Constance was truly inspiring and unforgettable.

Some Unforgettable Experiences in Konstanz

When we were not busy on the work project, my German counterparts would alternately give me a tour around the place and the bordering countries. One Sunday morning we visited the snow covered Alps Mountains. We also toured the Schaffhausen’s Rhine Falls in Switzerland. It was a thrill to see the Rhine Falls up-close.

I also remember visiting a German counterpart in his wonderful home. My counterpart had a bipolar brother (diagnosed when he was 16 years old), who despite his illness was employed by one of the engineering companies based in Konstanz. I met the brother with a bipolar disorder (his name is Josef) and I did not even notice that he had the disorder. My colleague told me that the relaxing, peaceful and tranquil life they have in Konstanz proved to be a good part of the treatment for his brother’s illness. In his workplace, he was able to handle less stressful tasks just like his other co-workers. However, there were the days when an episode was imminent. During such times, Josef chose to stay home since he cannot control the symptoms of the episode. I was really surprised to meet a bipolar who did not look like one.

I also had another German counterpart and his name is Willy. I found out during my conversation with him, that it was his first time for him to apply for a passport. Despite being 40 years old, Willy applied for the passport only because the company required him to take one. This necessity had arisen because he was part of the training team that was dispatched to my company, as part of the project that we were jointly working on. When I asked him why he never had any passport before, his answer was a simple, “I never saw the need to leave Konstanz. It’s beautiful here.”

I could not agree more to what he said. The business trip to Konstanz where I was able to traverse opened my eyes to the beauty of the world and of life. It showed me this side of the world where life offers more than the usual desires such as work success, prominence, and wealth gains. The place offers unmatched contentment to the simplicity of life.

I will always think of Lake Constance as the beautiful and perfect setting for people like me who can enjoy a full day by the lake, marveling at the glorious gift of life that we all have.

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