Graduation Thesis Writing – Typical Mistakes To Avoid

Graduation thesis writing is a lot of hard work. It takes a lot of time, a lot of effort and a great deal of mental energy. This may be the biggest writing paper you have done so far. You’ve processed loads of sources, spent much time writing… and still, your professor doesn’t look impressed? Well, it’s possible that you’ve made one (or a few) of the common mistakes during thesis writing. Let’s talk about the typical mistakes that would make your professor return your thesis for amendments.

1. Insufficient coverage of issues presented

This may be due to the fact you haven’t found enough source materials on the subject or you lack understanding of the subject. This can be helped by looking for additional sources (don’t be afraid to ask your professor!) or by selecting a more understandable thesis topic.

2. Using too many quotes and extracts from other sources

Why do you think writing thesis is so different from other types of paper writing? A thesis is absolutely and entirely a result of your own independent thinking activity based on the knowledge you get from your sources, not pieces of these sources, reworked and put together.

3. Too many digressions from the main line of the thesis

This happens quite often: you’ve started exploring the thesis topic, then stumbled upon one of the smaller aspects and wandered off course. You can avoid this mistake by elaborating a proper thesis structure and creating a clear outline. Just follow the outline and don’t let yourself lose direction.

4. Lack of conclusions.

Each chapter, each paragraph must be well-rounded, and as such, have logical conclusions. This is one of the ways to show your understanding of the subject.

5. Lack of connection between theoretical and practical parts

Your entire theoretical part of the thesis, however well-rounded, logical and well-argued it is, will be absolutely unconvincing if it has no connection to the practical section. The theoretical part of your thesis is the base for the practical part; never forget this.

6. Lack of scientific writing style, lack of literacy or too much bureaucratic style.

As a rule, by the time they get to write their graduation thesis, students do have a clear idea of how to do grammar, spelling and style revision and eliminate mistakes that make their writing look illiterate. But in case you are still not sure you can make it right on your own, it might make sense to get some help. There are professional writing services that provide useful guidance, from essay writing to writing term paper for college. Just make sure that there are no misprints in your work.

Avoiding these mistakes may not win highest grades and your professor’s absolute awe and respect, but it will significantly make your thesis better and more consistent. Research writing is never easy, and hard work is often a key to success, but a good graduation thesis is definitely something to be proud of.

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