Glamping 101: Adding Luxury To Your Camping Experience

The world we live in is incredibly hectic. We are constantly in a hurry – rushing to get to work, rushing to get to the gym, to buy groceries… So naturally, at a certain point, you can get a bit overwhelmed and just wish you could unwind. One of the best ways to relax is definitely by going on a vacation to a location that is peaceful and stress-free, meaning going into nature. You can really enjoy all the charms that the outdoors has to offer by truly being there all the time, which essentially means camping.

However, if you are not a fan of sleeping under the rain and having bugs climbing on top of you, do not worry, as there is a more luxurious option – glamping. And yes, it means exactly as it says – glamorous camping. Here is some insight into how to make camping a deluxe experience.

Choosing the location

Nowadays, you can go glamping almost anywhere in the world. This means that this adventurous endeavour takes place in the mountains, such as the Alps in Europe, in the national parks or forests in America or perhaps it can be a safari in Africa. If, on the other hand, swimming in the ocean every day is what you love to do on your vacation, you can opt for one of the breathtaking glamping destinations in Australia, as some of these places are right by the water. In the end, the choice is completely up to you and your partners in this adventure.

Choosing accommodation

You may instantly think of tents when you hear the word “camping”. However, as here we are discussing glamping, this means that even the tents are fabulous. Additionally, tents aren’t the only place where you can reside; there are a number of other chic accommodations. Canvas bell tents, round yurts, and even incredibly luxurious converted buses and boats are some of the options. You can also enjoy safari tents with wooden platforms, which are suitable for several persons as they can have two or more bedrooms and a full-size bathroom.

Loved tree houses when you were a kid? Well, now you can spend your vacation in one. Of course, the types of tree houses where you can spend your luxurious camping experience have all the perks of a real house and also have the best views of the beautiful surroundings.

Furthermore, if you are feeling extremely venturous, you can opt for a camper as your accommodation for a few days in the outdoors. In case you prefer to travel in a van, but love the cosiness of a camper, simply transform your van into a fun camper which will have the convenience and the warmth of a real home.

What to bring with you

This will not be the usual camping experience, and the glamorous factor to this endeavour is seen in the fact that most of the things you may need on this trip will be provided for you. Nevertheless, some essentials still have to find room in your suitcase. Appropriate clothes for the time you will spend hiking, exploring, swimming and doing many other outdoor activities is something you have to pack. Sunscreen and some sort of hat that will protect you from the sun are obligatory. Moreover, comfortable shoes, a raincoat, a waterproof backpack, and a multifunctional pocket knife will certainly come in handy. Lastly, a high-quality hammock and a small cook set will enable you and your friends to spend hours enjoying a secluded and breathtaking spot in nature, so make sure to bring them with you as well.

Planning out your menu

Although at most of the amazing glamping destinations around the world you can find accommodations that offer delicious meals for you to enjoy as their guest, you can still opt to make your own food. Forget about roasted hot dogs and canned beans and relish in the taste of meals such as campfire lasagna or delicious bourbon peach cobbler. All these and many more appetizing glamping recipes will make it impossible for you to resist making them. Therefore, rejoice in all the luxury that the glamping experience has to offer, but also do not forget to revel in the beauty of raw and stunning nature and in activities such as exploring and preparing your own food outdoors.

So, don’t waste any time and start planning your next glamping trip right now.

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