Surprise Your Loved Ones With The Best Gifts From Eyeskady

Let’s admit it, everyone. One of the most excruciating tasks ever is to find a suitable gift for your friends and families. Whether it is Christmas holiday, graduation day, or birthdays, buying the perfect presents on a special occasion always baffles even the smartest people. But lucky for you, here comes Eyeskady – an online store guaranteed to offer you the most creative pieces at an affordable price. Do you want to learn more about this website and their products? Keep scrolling to find out!

What is Eyeskady?

Eyeskady is an online business based in Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam. Despite not having a long-established history, Eyeskady prides itself on the innovation it has brought into the souvenir industry.

Unique, high-quality, and reasonably priced – these are the three factors that Eyeskady has committed to since their opening days. 

This is probably the reason why Eyeskady has managed to gain its popularity worldwide. Even if you are thousands of miles away from its headquarter in Vietnam, Eyeskady still offers you the best customer service, the fastest shipment, and the most pleasant products.

Now, have you get hooked on Eyeskady? Stay tuned to explore the gifts available, as well as other shopping policies at Eyeskady below!

What you need to know about online shopping at

A wide variety of products

Alright, first off, let’s have a look at the presents designed and sold by Eyeskady. Here at Eyeskady, you will find three main categories of gifts.




As simple as it may sound, a mug is a universal gift for basically everyone. You need to buy your grandparents something on your next visit? A coffee mug with illustrations of cats and dogs will be fun.

Or have you just got into a fight with your significant other, and now you want to make amends? Why don’t you give him/her a lovely mug decorated with plenty of hearts?

Eyeskady provides an ample number of mugs for you to choose from, counting up to 71100 designs. Yes, you did not read it wrong! You have more than tens of thousands of mugs available, waiting to be purchase!

The price range of a mug is from $14 to $20. Some of you might think that spending $20 for a mug is insane, but hang on! Do you know that Eyeskady has a frequent promotion policy, so sometimes you can get a 15 – 20% discount on your mug?

Rest assured that besides their affordability, Eyeskady mugs’ quality is second to none. Crafted from high-quality clay, the mugs are guaranteed to stay solid and sturdy for your drinking purpose. This product is also safe to use with a dishwasher or a microwave, so note that down!

And do not forget to check out the prints on the side of the mugs. Don’t you worry that frequent washing may cause the paint to fade away. At Eyeskady, everything is manufactured to be long-lasting and durable. What not to like?




T-shirts are one of the easiest pieces of clothes to put on, regardless of your age and gender. This is the reason why features more than 5900 designs of T-shirts, a number promising to blow your mind.

At Eyeskady, most T-shirts come in basic colors like black, blue, yellow, or white. But that does not mean these tees are plain and boring to wear! In fact, Eyeskady takes great pride in designing multiple illustrations to fit the style and material of their T-shirts.

If you are a fan of fantasy novels, you can get yourself a Camp Half Blood T-shirt now! Or what about a Bee Gees T-shirt for their hardcore fans? Eyeskady has got you back!

The price range of a T-shirt is from $19 to $23, depending on your size. You can choose from the smallest size – S – to the biggest size – 3XL.

Some of you may get worried that such a reasonably priced T-shirt may not come with high-quality. But the motto of Eyeskady is to provide customers with the best deals possible. So even at $19, Eyeskady T-shirts are made from 100% premium soft cotton, with reinforced seams for better durability. Amazing, right?




Similarly to T-shirts, a hoodie is an ideal choice of clothes for everyone. At Eyeskady, you can browse through 732 designs until you find the hoodie you are looking for.

Again, you can only choose the most basic colors like black, blue, and white for Eyeskady hoodies. To make up for this inconvenience, Eyeskady creates unique, colorful drawings for each hoodie, from feminist quotes to Internet memes. Yay!

The price range of a hoodie is from $40 to $44. All you have to do is to spend a reasonable amount of money, then you can get an insulating, soft, and sturdy hoodie to wear for years!

Payment methods

Since you will conduct your transaction through, PayPal will be the primary paying method. However, other payments allowed by PayPal system like credit cards/debit cards are also possible.

Another option for you is to use credit cards through Stripe.

Final thought might not be the best souvenir shop, but it is definitely the place where you can get the most creative gifts at an affordable price. Visit now to see what it has to offer. And remember to look out for the promotions, everyone!

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