6 Things You Need To Do To Get Started On YouTube

Whether you are documenting an across the country trip or whether you have to record great moments like when you are laughing your heads off on a day’s event. Nevertheless, there is always joy in filming things. Aside from everybody needs a reminder of what a good laugh or an adventurous trip is, it is usually nice to share these things with others. YouTube is one good place to start a library of video contents for others to see in your own YouTube channel. Here are 6 things to get started on Youtube. 

While it is true that vlogging might not sound that complex, reading on the following guide won’t hurt you. Perhaps, it will even make things easier than it is.

1. Set your goal and stick to it

Picture out the kind of audience you think you could entertain or inform well through your videos. Then, decide on what will the video be all about by basing it on the things your audience will most likely find valuable. If this is all about showing off a brand whether directly or indirectly, then don’t forget that you must first be able to connect with the audience. Be entertaining and informative at the same time.

Your goal is for the people to trust and like your videos. Thus, what you want to achieve should be clear in the first place. Dedicate that you will always stick to your goal. The videos might not turn out that good at the start, especially for beginners. But don’t be discouraged, just keep making more and you will improve as time goes by.

2. Create your own YouTube Channel

You can always find inspiration from the channel of others. Although, don’t get jealous if you think that they are so good. Remember that all channels started with no views and no subscribers. Instead, carefully analyze what else do most channels lack in their videos. Like they always say, there is always a room for improvement. Now is your chance to show how creative you are with your ideas.

As soon as you have a Google account, you can start creating an account on YouTube. Think it out well when you are naming your channel. For example, the name of your business is a good idea if you are promoting a product.

Decide for a good channel icon, something simple but not that ordinary that your audience will easily forget. A company logo if you are into business is a great idea. Do not forget to link your social media networks in the About Section. You could also link your company website if there is.  Also, do good in the overall appearance of your channel. The display should really look good to attract more viewers. 

3. Use a good YouTube Camera

No matter how good you have attracted people to watch your videos, unfortunately, they won’t stick around if the quality of the videos is bad. Have fun when you are doing it. Otherwise, your audience will know and will be as less energetic as you are.

In terms of having fun, for sure no vlogger in his right mind will be happy with an inefficient camera. Make sure that your camera could answer your specific needs in making a video. Your filming style should match the type of YouTube camera you must have.

Have in mind that you should be able to master the different features your camera offers to maximize the potentials of your videography.

Image stabilization and audio are some of the things you should consider in choosing for a good YouTube camera. Nothing will irritate your viewers more than hearing muffled background noises, and watching jerky filming that makes a person dizzy.

4. Use simple editing software

Humans as we are, we are bound to make mistakes. Using editing software is very useful in this case. And since you are just starting out, a simple editing software will do and is more recommendable. By being simple, choose something that is easily understood and won’t cause you headaches.

By so doing, not only that it will be more convenient for you but it will also make your editing really fast especially if you don’t have a prior editing experience. For starters, Windows Movie Maker will do the trick. The good news is that it is usually already installed in your laptop, and if it is not the case, then you can download it for free.

5. Constantly check the end result of your video

For sure you will get curious if the audience really loves your video. That being said, you should know how your audience is engaging with your video. YouTube Analytics has the capacity to show you if your audience is turning off the video at some point by the use of an Audience Retention report.

Use this to your advantage in gauging the length of your videos. Shorter and more engaging videos will usually have more views. Respond to their comments and questions from time to time. This will further enhance your ability to connect with your audience. In fact, through this, you can also learn some helpful things from your viewers.

6. Think of negative comments as an opportunity for growth

People will always have something to say, whether it be bad or nice. On top of it, in social media, people can just hide with their avatar and do away with it. Hence, dwelling too much on negative comments will do you more harm than good.

Just think it through if the comment is really making a good point or not. Ignore everything that is not constructive criticism.


Stay positive all the time. Be happy and proud for every video you will make. These tips will help you start well and sustain your energy in making great YouTube videos.

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